Message for USA Applicants: Interesting Statistics and Fun Facts

fun statistics personal statement for usa application

If you are an applicant in the USA looking to study and take up your course or specialty in this country, then you might be interested to know some statistics and fun facts about applications. Let’s begin.

funny statistics personal statement usa

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Interesting Statistics and Fun Facts about USA Applications

  • College acceptance rates: In this year (2015), the acceptance rates declined or dropped by as low as 5.05% for the first time in history.
  • There are very selective schools that have contributed to this low acceptance rate.
  • Harvard University – 5.3 percent
  • Stanford University – 5.05 percent
  • Yale University – 6.5 percent
  • Columbia University- 6.1 percent

What Are the Most Important Factors in Evaluating Applicants?

  • 83 percent of college prep courses
  • 66 percent strength of curriculum
  • 59 percent admission test scores
  • 46 percent grades in all courses

What Are the Group of Admitted Students?

  • 47 percent California students
  • 40 percent other state and territories students
  • 13 percent from foreign countries

Popular and Intended Field of Concentration

  • 8.2 percent undecided
  • 27.3 percent social sciences
  • 6.4 percent physical sciences
  • 21 percent biosciences
  • 6.4 percent math
  • 15 percent engineering
  • 15 percent humanities

Fun Facts

  • The Curtis Institute of Music accepted only 2.94 percent for 2015 Class.
  • Alaska Bible College is the smallest college of 38 students.
  • Business was the most popular undergraduate major in 2013.
  • One in seven students at the Hampshire College in the 2013 class founded at least an organization when they were in high school.

There you have some interesting statistics and fun facts that you have to know when applying for USA. Nonetheless, there is a steep competition happening right now, so it would be wise if you would equip yourself with a strong application, like having a superior personal statement that can convince the committee why you deserve a slot in their school and that you are an asset for them and in the world in the future. In this case, we have something for you.

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