Personal Statement Sample

how to write a good personal statement for internship

Life Science Internship (Data Science Track)

Ambition drives success in anything we do. But ambition without a plan is just a wish. My ambition is to become a successful Data Scientist delivering high-value innovation in data analytics for systems developers, data managers, corporate executive planners and decision-makers. To get there, I plan to take every opportunity in formal education, one step at a time. I have taken the first few steps, obtaining my associate degree in Business Administration that has armed me with the knowledge in how commerce and industries achieve their business objectives.

I am currently completing my baccalaureate in Computer Information Systems (Data Analysis) at the X College in NY that would bring a marriage between my love for information technology and the business perspective. I plan to take the next step with the LifeSci NYC Internship program that would further strengthen my competencies in predicative modelling, forecasting, data warehousing, real time data mining, and data optimization modelling.

My foray into data-science got off to a rewarding start as a Sales Data Analyst at XYZ Service in Queens, NY, accumulating over 4 years of experience in providing decision support solutions in marketing and sales through data manipulation that have brought strategic and tactical information in improving strategies and operations. Sales performance analysis, forecasts and trending, as well as data analysis of competitor and industry developments have strengthened my abilities for applying textbook knowledge in benefiting the company I now worked with.

At this point in my career, I realize I still have so much to learn. But I am comforted by the fact that my professional experience to date has armed me with a higher sense of responsibility, maturity and discipline to embark on building my competencies in data science. It helps that my role model is my mother who has inspired me to remain steadfast in pursuing my chosen career. She never went to school but her perseverance has enabled me to complete my college degree and become the first generation in my family to be an immigrant in the U.S.A four years ago.

I am confident that your program will fortify what I have learned so far in my college work. After completing my baccalaureate in 2019, I look forward to taking on the challenge of a post-graduate education in Data Science. Moving further down the road, I plan to build my own IT business consultancy in collaboration with other IT professionals with similar experience and education in data analytics. I also plan to be a faculty member in my Alma Mater while possibly pursuing a doctorate in IT systems development.

I hope to leverage my professional experience and undergraduate knowledge to complete the internship program that would strengthen my abilities in data analytics. My confidence in my abilities brims with excitement and the hope that I can be accepted in the program in time for its scheduled start in June 2018.