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7 Essential College Admissions Resources During Coronavirus 2020

Spring is a nice season when everything around is getting greener and warmer. That is normally a time when potential university applicants are getting ready for tests. Now, the situation changed due to the coronavirus epidemic. A global spread of the coronavirus has put severe pressure on governments and universities. Everyone is affected by these circumstances, and it is advised to stay at home. Nevertheless, the world does not stop, and higher educational institutions are still trying to help prospective students.

Given that there is no possibility of attending classes, we suggest seven online sources that might be very useful for students.

National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) has developed a college admissions status database.

Most applicants worry about their enrollment. NACAC has launched a special tool for institutions to publish all their updates on the way they are adjusted to the current conditions. This database is meant to inform about which institutions still allow classes, which are prolonging the deadline for replying to the admission representatives, and which have some policy updates associated with coronavirus. The tool provides students with new information, and it is updated instantly after receiving input from educational establishments. It is also easy to navigate: applicants can select any college they need and get the necessary info. Therefore, they can find lots of relevant information and fight uncertainty.

Look at a list of traditional national college fairs.

Companies and colleges organize online campus fairs and visits.

Many students miss not only education but also exciting and engaging activities organized by universities. There are numerous virtual events like these instead of traditional ones. They are those curated by NACAC (live admission meetings, online tours, and live chat events). There, students have the opportunity to spend time together, communicate with each other, and take a rest with their peers. Entertainment is significant, especially when people are indoors most of the time. So, it is a great chance to share ideas, play games, or even arrange a virtual spring party. Rebecca Chabrow also supports this idea and curates unique events, such as virtual tours, art activities, and many others.

Additionally, there is a virtual college fair, which is held in March. The institutions participating in it include Brown University, Swarthmore College, and the University of Wisconsin. It is stated by Rohan Pasari, the cofounder and CEO of Cialfo, a company based in Singapore. The company has the intention to record this event and hold an extra college fair in May.

Testing policies of the ACT, SAT, and AP are being updated.

The College Board and the ACT are canceling and rescheduling some testing dates. It is done because of COVID-19. They have a reasonable argument: the safety of students is the most important thing today. Here you can see the ACT updatesSAT updates, and AP updates. On March 20, the College Board, which hosts the AP and SAT, announced that they would allow students to take the AP tests, including a message about a free response exam. They stated that their main goal is to save students’ health and provide them with free resources for learning. The AP exam will be conducted online. As usual, students will have 45 minutes for their response, and the only difference will be that everyone will stay safe and at home.

Colleges adopt optional SAT/ACT testing or do not demand SAT II subject tests anymore.

Case Western has recently published the news that educational institutions changed their attitude towards the SAT/ATC tests, and they will be optional for the forthcoming admission cycle. It means that the SAT/ACT grades are no longer required for enrollment. Most institutions, including Case Western Reserve University, do not demand that candidates submit the ACT/SAT scores.

Additionally, MIT scrapped its requirements for SAT II subject tests.

We suppose that this solution will benefit students who will be applying to MIT. Taking into account testing confusion caused by the quarantine and a report by Forbes, we anticipate that other leading universities will cancel the testing requirements or at least diminish the importance of scores for the upcoming admission cycle. A list of test-optional colleges is constantly updated on this website.

Ivy Insight conducts a College Essay Challenge.

This challenge, which is free of charge, is meant to help students use their free time to achieve better results while training themselves on composing essays. Participants get layouts and instructions for writing a Common Application or Coalition Application personal statement. The College Essay Challenge will take place a few times over the next months. It might be beneficial for applicants because it is a chance for them to practice and improve their writing skills before entering university.

Zoom offers free video conferencing for K-12 schools.

Zoom canceled its 40-minute limit for many K-12 schools around the world. Lots of workers, classmates, and people who want to participate in meetings have more time to share ideas and discuss topical issues. It is helpful for companies, and regardless of how difficult the current period is, people can even have parties via zoom. Find out more on the official website of Zoom.

RoundPier’s student platform is expanded.

RoundPier expands its user platform. It helps students and teachers to get in touch with one another and is a sponsor of a 250-dollar scholarship. It also enables students and teachers to exchange information on leadership growth opportunities in the summer or throughout the school year. Here students can share resources for remote learning. This platform is an amazing chance for students to interchange ideas on how to practice leadership.

Now, it is necessary to remain positive, no matter what things are happening now. The quarantine is a real opportunity to learn even more effectively. Although we have no predictions that school and college studies are going to come back to normal, we believe that these sources will let you move on in the face of obscurity.


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