Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

What is an accounting and finance personal statement?

Congrats on your decision to devote yourself to the world of finance. No matter whether you imagine yourself as an eccentric Jordan Belfort from The Wolf of Wall Street or a genius and scandalous Michael Burry from The Big Short, the one thing you need before realizing your dreams is a finance personal statement. Your test scores can prove that you know the basic formulas and can pass a GMAT. Do not get us wrong: high scores are a major achievement, but a university is a big community. Thus, in your accounting personal statement, you need to show that you would be a valuable addition to that. Nowadays, every community like this needs to be diverse and unique. Therefore, an accounting and finance personal statement is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you are an irreplaceable person. Browsing through some accounting personal statement examples is a great way to do a bit of warm-up before you begin writing. Undergraduate personal statement examples will give you a general idea about what you are expected to compose and also may surprise you with some insight into this process. So, it is time to read through some UCAS personal statement examples.

How to write a successful accounting and finance personal statement?

Grammar proficiency and sophisticated vocabulary are not the only things you need to succeed in writing your accountant personal statement. Storytelling skills also matter a lot. While reading university personal statement examples, you might notice that they do not begin with clichéd phrases, such as “since early childhood,” or fancy citations. The really compelling ones begin with a story. It might be about a boy who washed his grandma’s car and realized the power of money or a girl who came up with a new way to collect money for a school play. Everyone has a story of discovering their passion. Indeed, it speaks better than high grades. Use your narrative as a cornerstone and make your essay stand out from other accounting personal statements.

What should you include in an accounting and finance personal statement?

Yes, your essay has to begin with a story, but do not let your creativity go too far. A narrative is meant to be incorporated in the introduction. Next, you have to work on the things that the admission staff wants from you in a personal statement accounting.
Here is a helpful checklist of the topics that have to be covered in your essay:

  • The selected fact from your CV. The best way to choose it is to look through your CV and try to understand which bullets do not display your accomplishment fully. It would be an amazing idea to expound on that in the essay!
  • Motivation. That is dwelt on in every UCAS personal statement example.
  • Plans. What field of finance are you interested in? What companies would you like to work for? What about an internship? Enetprenerhsip? Be as concrete as possible to talk about the career that you dream of.
  • Skills. Do not just transfer the “highlights” section of your resume. Opt for 2-3 qualities that you can prove with a real experience or achievement.
  • Still, having second thoughts? Read a personal statement example undergraduate to get inspiration!