Accounting Personal Statement

What is an accounting personal statement?

That is a mature and well-thought-out decision to study accounting and finance. Opportunities with economic education are limitless, aren’t they? However, before immersing yourself in numbers and formulas, you have to fulfill a purely creative task to compose accounting personal statements. Do not treat a personal statement accounting as a test that only accompanies your GMAT and grades. Look at a UCAS personal statement example: applicants turn math into art in their essays. Everyone can get similarly high scores, but the deal here is to show what is notable about you. Explore some personal brand statement examples for accounting: people tell stories and demonstrate unusual sides of their interest in math. You are a fascinating human, so display your persona in this essay. A great way to prepare for this is browsing through some accounting personal statement examples.

How to write a successful accounting personal statement?

A nice warm-up before the challenging writing process would be reading through undergraduate personal statement examples. Be careful! Do you remember your parents saying that the internet is a scary place? Badly written UCAS personal statement examples are scary for sure. Thus, research the topic and get some basic knowledge before hunting for inspiration. So, it is time to reveal the secrets of an accountant personal statement.
Firstly, some core principles, according to which you have to write your text:

  • Although accountancy seems quite formal and dry, do not lose the creative and innovative side of your essay. Creativity is a synonym to uniqueness, and that is what universities need nowadays.
  • Think big. Prove that you are interested in the global economy, new markets, and the world of commerce. Present your inner motivation to study mathematics. You have to mention something that drives you: just being good at numbers is not a decent argument here.
  • What should you include in an accounting personal statement?

    There has been enough talk about the dazzling feeling that your essay has to arouse in everyone reading it. Speaking of the specifics, here is a comprehensible checklist of the things that you have to cover:

  • A few words about you as an applicant. There are two main things that you have got to bear in mind while working on this section. Firstly, take into consideration that the admission committee has got your CV. Therefore, they are quite knowledgeable about the basics: your origin, the school where you used to study, the positions that you used to hold, and thus the work that you used to do. An essay is not supposed to repeat it all because that is already included in your curriculum vitae. Tell them something they have not gotten to know about you yet. No, I do not mean your credit card security code and the like. Maybe there is some moving story behind your passion for math? Maybe you used to teach children in your free time? If some volunteering is mentioned in your CV, you can freely dwell on that experience. Secondly, consider that the admission committee is bombarded with these essays. Trust us. You do not even imagine how many texts they read per day. So, save them some time by avoiding clichés and awful introductions, such as, “Since early childhood…”
  • Motivation. Why is an accounting personal statement necessary in the first place? In order to select the most promising young people who will fully utilize their opportunities. Thus, think about what you are going to do after earning your degree. Which areas are you interested in? Having second thoughts about your career or do not have time to ponder on the future at all? No worries. Read some university personal statement examples to get much-needed info.