Adult Nursing Personal Statement

What is an adult nursing personal statement?

Our sincere congratulation on your decision to become a nursing professional! The medical sector is growing fast. Thus, education is becoming not only more expensive but also more challenging to compete for. Therefore, you should work especially hard to overcome the first obstacle on your way to becoming a nursing specialist. This hurdle is an application. A personal statement for nurses is a pivotal part of the process. A personal statement for nursing school is an essay where you have to expound on some facts from your CV.
People who are applying to the nursing school are mature individuals who have already gained valuable work and life experience, which you have to include in your adult nursing personal statement. Take a look at nursing personal statement samples to see what other people have written. The main secret of a marvelous personal statement for nursing is preparation.

How to write a successful adult nursing personal statement?

We know that you are truly excited about beginning to compose personal statements for nursing school. Here is a list of preparations that have to be done before starting your work:

  • Find info about the school you are applying to: professors, campus, special programs, successful graduates. You will have such facts in your head and be able to naturally and smoothly incorporate them into your writing.
  • Make additional research on your specialization. In a personal statement nursing school, motivation is an essential aspect. Thus, make sure to give a hint to where you intend to work after the completion of your studies.
  • What do you do before every hard workout? Correct, a warm-up! An ideal way to do a warm-up before your workout (we mean writing) is to go through personal statement examples nursing graduate school. By doing it, you will get precious insight into the process.
  • If you feel somewhat fuzzy at the beginning, the solution is to immerse yourself in fulfilling the task. When you are concentrated enough, it is high time you moved on!


    What should you include in an adult nursing personal statement?

    Well, we have your inspiration, your diligent research about the school and career, and your biography itself! Now, we have got to combine it all nicely in order to compose a magnificent nursing personal essay. Let’s do it in an orderly fashion. What has to be definitely included, and what can be missed out in a nursing school personal statement? The best method is to create an adjustable list of topics you have to cover. When composing your essay, make sure to compare your writing with the list. Maybe something has been forgotten. Here we have got a perfect template of such a list you can use:

  • A story about how you have fallen in love with nursing. It is the best way to start your essay as it will keep the reader intrigued and display your passion without bragging.
  • Your background. That is a tricky thing. Given the fact that almost everything is listed down in your CV, you do not have to copy that. Think about what achievement is the most relevant. Moreover, what parts of your CV seem to be extremely brief? The point that might need to be dwelt on has to be your background section in a personal statement.
  • Your motivation, about which we have already talked a bit. Your motivation can’t be presented as a mere desire to be a nurse. From the foggy language of the admission committee, the term “motivation” has to be translated as “a concrete career plan.” What field are you the most passionate about? Are you eager to work in a clinic or as a private nurse? The more specific, the better.
  • Are you still having second thoughts about your writing? Read through more nursing school personal statement examples to get more knowledgeable!