Architecture Personal Statement

What is an architecture personal statement?

Applying for an architecture degree, you will need to provide the university with an original architectural statement. Not only should it convey your solid intention to enter this profession, but also it should reflect your strong belief that you are the right person for this position. Describe brightly and convincingly why you have decided to make a career as an architect, surveyor, or designer. So, if architecture fascinates you, make sure it is demonstrated in the paper. When you write an architecture grad school personal statement, you have to show your aspiration to change this world both visually and practically. The admission officers will get a large number of architecture personal statements, so yours has to be the one they will want to read. 

How to write a successful architecture personal statement?

Architecture is a field where a creative mind meets math calculations. Thus, your architecture statement should show aesthetic excellence combined with practicality and precision. If you have in mind some great figures that inspire you, list them down to express your taste in the field that you have chosen. Tell some real-life stories, for instance, when you first realized you wanted to create the design of buildings or somehow make people’s life more convenient. 
Do not hesitate to show your passion for design in your letter of intent architecture. Make sure that you communicate that you are enthusiastic about the environment and society and the way they are connected. Also, do not forget to add your portfolio in order to double the chances of acceptance. 
Your architecture statement of purpose has to vividly showcase that arts and science are successfully united in you. Give the admission committee a brief and engaging insight into the events that have made you opt for design and architecture as your future profession.

What should you include in an architecture personal statement?

Admission tutors would like to see your huge potential in your architecture personal statement, so do not fail to meet their expectations. Give them evidence of your additional research and reading, tell them that you admire outstanding modern architects, and also state that you appreciate some of the most significant artists of the past. 
Prove your dedication and self-development by enlisting your most interesting hobbies, the books you have read, the people you have met, the paintings and design you like, and anything that has had an impact on your creativity and mindset. If you have any job experience, even if it is not connected to architecture, you should mention it in your personal statement anyway: it will show your ability to work, stay responsible, and make your own decisions. 
Avoid any negativity. If you have not still accomplished something, do not make excuses: just stick to things that show your better side. Be positive and confident, but do not fake achievements and skills. Remember that architecture is all about a balance between science and art, so your task is to prove to the admission committee that you have it.