Art Personal Statement

Not many of us can estimate ourselves perfectly, and it is not because we are not good enough: it is because evaluating our own skills and expertise is challenging. A personal statement is not the easiest thing to deal with. Luckily, our expert writers are here to help you undergo this difficult process successfully. 

What is an art personal statement?

So, you have decided to become an artist? That is a brilliant decision: you want to turn your hobby into money. Your art personal statement is meant to show what you like the most about design and arts. Also, your graphic design statement has to show why you have chosen this subject for your university studies and future career. Whether you intend to become an art curator, illustrator, or teacher, your goal is to demonstrate your true passion for arts.
When writing your graphic design personal statement, make sure all of your creative energy drives you through the whole process. However, remember to be reasonable and, by using your designer statement, let the selection committee know that you would bring a positive change to the university.

How to write a successful art personal statement?

Of course, your graphic designer artist statement has to make the most favorable impression regarding you. Don’t be too modest, list down all of your strengths and accomplishments, but don’t do it in a boring way. After all, it’s all about arts and creativity. So, whether your favorite artist is Vincent van Gogh or Damien Hirst, it is crucial to talk about those who have inspired and influenced you the most. 
Keep in mind that the art and graphics market is much competitive, and it deals not only with paintings. Thus, you have to show the committee that you are acquainted with the business side of the field. Don’t hesitate to send your portfolio to present your photographs or paintings: this would be a huge advantage over other applicants.
Your UCAS personal statement is not only about your knowledgeability about drawing, but it’s also about your ability to express ideas using different tools and think outside the box.
Point out your professional skills: your mission is to convince the selection team that you are the one they need. If you feel confused and lost, look for some graphic design artist statement examples that we have: there is a lot to offer and make your life easier. 


What should you include in an art personal statement?

The first impression is unbelievably important, so make your graphic design artist statement readable, original, with a bit of humor and honesty. Mix some personal experience with other people’s impact on you and show your dedication to the subject, using real-life examples. Use your creative mind to prove your ability and desire to take this specific course. Demonstrate the admission committee that you have a lot to contribute to the program and that it’s something unique and beneficial. 
If you find difficulties in conveying that you are a perfect candidate, read through our design statement examples. Remember that you don’t have to copy them: use it as samples.