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Both UC and Cal State Softened Admissions Requirements Because of the Health Crisis

The University of California has made the announcement that it is scrapping some demands concerning admission because of the educational issues that occurred due to the COVID-19. Moreover, students at UC have gotten involved in remote learning earlier this month.

Both organizations declared a non-permanent reduction of admission criteria for entrants for this fall and further. That is a reaction to the major changes in the education system and enrollment procedures.

Janet Napolitano stated that the ability to be adjustable would help entrants planning to study at UC get a fair opportunity of enrollment.

According to Catherine Nelson, chair of Cal State’s systemwide Academic Senate, the current period is both special and demanding. They aim to be assured that if students have intended to be CSU-bound, they are trying their best to assist them with achieving this objective.

After school shutdowns in Cal, students are forced to transform the learning process into remote online studies. This replacement is causing some issues due to the fact that not all students can access the internet or have needed devices. Moreover, parents are concerned about the evaluation of academic performance. While crucial tests are canceled or postponed, it is unclear how colleges will assess academic progress.

Undoubtedly, the adjustment to admission conditions will have a considerable effect on those who study in high schools and community colleges and are willing to start earning a bachelor’s degree in this or the following year.

How will my academic performance be evaluated?

UC and California State officials have claimed that they will use ‘pass’ or ‘credit’ for 15 needed high school disciplines. Previously, letter grades from A to G were used. Non-letter marks, however, will not be used in GPA assessment.

California State officials have also claimed that they might examine some admission irregularities. Exceptions will be made for those entrants who are struggling with meeting all course demands due to the public health crisis.

What to do if it is impossible to take the SAT or ACT?

UC system is canceling exam demands for those who expect to get enrolled in fall 2021. If entrants have the possibility, they are still welcomed to take the SAT and ACT and submit results.

California State takes into account two criteria. It is students’ exam scores and GPA. Officials are considering adjusting the requirements and will introduce new demands soon.

Will Advanced Placement classes be considered?

Yes. It is definite that both UC and California State will give extra credit for AP classes passed with a grade of 3 and above. Take into consideration that the College Board is adjusting the 2020 AP tests.

What is the procedure in case of an inability to get a final transcript before the deadline?

Students will not be punished for not receiving a transcript on time. It is clear that UC and California State have definite deadlines: July 1 and July 15. Nevertheless, students who will not manage to get a transcript on time will also be considered.

At UC, students can submit transcripts prior to the first day of studies, while the admission staff from California State expects transcripts during the fall semester.

I am a transferred student. Due to this, I cannot finish demanded courses and receive the necessary grades. Will I be able to apply?

Transferred students can still apply, however, with some cautions. UC will remove limits for the courses taken in the past three semesters. California State University has claimed that it will make use of ‘pass’ or ‘credit’ for the needed disciplines in any of the semesters. These measures are implemented to decrease the number of transferable modules that should be finished for successful enrollment to 48 for the term and 72 for the quarter.

Moreover, some California State campuses have the right to permit postponing enrollment until the winter or spring of the next year in case students are willing to study at the community college further to fall in line with their transfer requirements.

What are my actions if I want to think more about enrollment?

The traditional UC deadline for statements of intent is May 1 for first-year students and June 1 for transfers. Nevertheless, failure to meet this deadline will not cause problems. Furthermore, transferring a deposit by May 1 is not needed. It is advised to contact the admission staff if you are in need of some time to think about the decision or to postpone payment.

Talking of California State, the registration deadline varies depending on the campus.

How will adjustments to the requirements influence my fellowships?

California State officials claim that students will be conditionally admitted until official transcripts are received. It will not influence the federal financial aid for fall 2020.

Students whose families are in need of monetary aid are advised to get in touch with the financial aid office directly.

Source: Latimes.com

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