Business Personal Statement

What Is a Business Personal Statement?

A business personal statement is an application document that mostly focuses on your personality rather than your grades. It is your chance to present yourself to the admission committee and persuade them to choose you as a proper student for business school studies.
However, to prepare a masterful business administration personal statement, you have to do your best. You should take into consideration all the requirements that the university or business college has set for the applicants.
Read our UCAS personal statements examples, and further, you will avoid mistakes and get to know how to compose high-quality personal statements for business school.

How to Write a Successful Business Personal Statement?

Make your business school personal statement memorable. Most probably, the admission officers will read through lots of similar applications. To increase your chances of getting noticed, you have to write about something unusual to appear special among other students. That does not mean to surprise the tutors somehow: you need to show them that you are better in some ways than other candidates.
Maybe you took part in some prestigious business meetings or attended a lecture of an influential and famous economist or businessman. Such an example will bring you some additional points.
Make your management personal statement coherent, logically structured, and informative. Avoid generic phrases and unclear expressions. Just imagine you are a member of the admission board and need to choose the most worthy students. Read a sample personal statement for graduate school in business to understand how to make yours easy to comprehend and mark the key points. If your essay is written as well as the example is, you can send it to the university’s admission committee.
Forget about your test scores and other success rates: tell about your experience and main activities. You might notice that personal statements examples for university applications are unique and do not look like other numerous documents. Take it into account when preparing yours.
Remember the next essential rule: compose your statement in advance to have time for some corrections before final proofreading. But first, it is better to begin writing a draft to avoid considerable mistakes and lots of editing.

What Should You Include in a Business Statement?

In a personal statement business school, talk about what has inspired you to choose the business field. Dwell on your work or volunteering experience. It does not matter whether you had a short-term or long-term one. The fact is you have gained new knowledge. So, share your impressions with the admission board.
Do not write a long story. Choose only one or two experiences that are the most relevant to the business school studies and can be useful to your further career advancement.
Mention briefly what your dream job is and what your expectations regarding it are. In your business school personal statement examples, highlight your managerial skills that should reflect your personality as positively as possible and can be applied to the business field. The core aspect is to depict yourself as a persistent and ambitious applicant.
Show your desire to self-develop in this sphere and achieve your goals. Business personal statement examples will help you to do it impeccably.