Criminology Personal Statement

What is a criminology personal statement?

Want to make a career as a crime-scene investigator or become a police or prison officer? If yes, criminology justice is the field where you will fulfill all your ambitions. A criminology personal statement is a document that should prove you are the most suitable and worthy student to enter the university’s criminology department.
We can assist you in creating an amazing personal statement that will represent you as a perfect fit for the chosen faculty. We have various criminal justice personal statement examples to inspire you to prepare your own piece of writing, avoiding any mistakes.

How to write a successful criminology personal statement?

Criminology is an unpredictable profession: you never know what will happen the next day or even the next hour. You will deal with crimes, so it requires particular skills you have to possess. Think well about your motivation: that is the reason for your willingness to study in this specific field.
Your writing style has to be excellent, and the information has to be presented in a structured way. Be consistent in your thoughts: do not mix up all the facts concerning your life and school studies. It will surely count against your candidacy. Talk about your educational activities in a manner that will impress the admissions tutors.
Make your personal statement criminal justice easy to read by not incorporating complex phrases and metaphors.
The admissions board wants to see your real passion and interest in criminology that is based on your life experience. Dwell on your completed research: it will significantly increase your chances to win a place at the desired college.

What should you include in a criminology personal statement?

While considering the structure of your personal essay, do not forget to include the following points in your criminal justice personal statement. Everyone who is eager to join the police force or get involved in a legal profession should remember such information:

  • Emphasize your problem-solving and time management skills. Highlight that you are aware of deviant behavior, criminological theory, and legal risks in the criminological field.
  • Explain shortly how this occupation will help you realize your long-term ambitions.
  • Being an ideal applicant, you should include some statements that show you have a good handle on social behavior in different situations.
  • List down your beneficial traits that can come in handy during your studies at the criminology or justice department and that can be useful to your future development. If you are self-controlled, disciplined, well-organized, and confident in your own actions and decisions, you are going to be a top applicant.
  • Expound on your activities outside the classroom. These may be any courses or volunteering projects connected with justice, law, or psychology knowledge implementation. It will prove your goal orientation in the chosen sphere.
  • Thus, if you prepare your personal statement at a decent level, describe your skills and characteristics correctly, and adhere to all the requirements of the selected university or college, we are sure you will be a great student of the criminology justice faculty who will get maximum results and further career growth.