Dental School Personal Statement

You know that, despite all the hard work you’ve done, test scores are not a decision-maker. Those challenging anatomy, biology, and chemistry lessons in the med school were just the tip of the iceberg. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome tertiary education! You have chosen dentistry. Thus, to enter the best institution, a dental school personal statement is a must. Let’s figure out what this kind of essay entails.

What is a dental personal statement?

Since you are applying for the dentistry program, we are sure that, during college and med school years, you had a chance to become familiar with a unique type of essay. Maybe you even plan to adjust your med school essay and move on to a more serious aspect of the application, such as the dental admission test or the required documents. Despite the requirements for your program, there is one general rule: do not underestimate your essay. That is like a portrait of you and the chance to get acquainted with you as an individual, not review once again your academic profile. The admission staff needs not only your impressive GPA scores: it is crucial to display what you can bring to the dental school community. That has to be dwelt on in a personal statement essay.

How to write a personal statement for dental school?

Now you see the bigger picture. A personal statement is truly important not only in terms of compensating for your GPA: it also introduces you to the committee. The required content of a personal statement for dental school is not a secret: on the official website, there has to be a detailed list of topics that need to be covered in an essay and tips and useful material. The first step in the process is to read it all to get a general idea about what you are dealing with. The second step is to make a detailed plan. When you have a plan, begin writing. At this point, don’t worry about fitting into one page: just let yourself elaborate on your own story. Make sure to start in advance so you can have enough time for editing. Eliminate unnecessary and extraneous words.


Structure of a personal statement for dental school?

The personal statement format for dental school is not strict. On the one hand, this gives a lot of opportunities to make your essay unique. On the other hand, it can cause confusion about what to write. The main solution is to make a list of topics you have the intention to cover. While writing and editing, make sure you include all the necessary things:

  • How have I discovered my passion for dentistry?
  • What extracurricular activities did I use to be involved in?
  • What skills can I utilize?
  • How long should a dentistry essay be?

    The dental school personal statement word limit is universal: it is one page or 4,500 characters. Do not be worried that the required dental school personal statement length is too big. Trust us. It would be hard to compose a one-page essay. To avoid editing nightmares, simply use the assistance of our experienced writers. In a short time, you will get a marvelous essay.

    How to start a dentist personal statement?

    Have you read those successful statement examples? If you have read at least five of them, now you are ready to crack the code of the best way to start a personal statement for dental school. This type of essay is a personal story, and the best method to begin it is to talk about how you have discovered your commitment to dentistry and when you have realized that your life must be connected with this field. Briefly but heartbreakingly tell them about the person or situation that has led you to your choice: the admission committee would love a bit of drama catching their attention.

    What should a personal statement for dental school include?

    What are the components of a personal statement? Let’s take a look at dental school personal statement tips that will help you to create a magnificent essay:

  • Volunteering, work experience, extra-class activities. All of that you have got in your CV. Do not waste your precious essay, mentioning every experience you have ever had. Think which of those things are the most significant and relevant to the story and incorporate them.
  • Indicate why you want to enter this particular school. Demonstrate that you have researched this school by mentioning the names of professors, special projects, or recent events. Oh, and since you are applying to several schools, do not forget to make adjustments in each essay.
  • Make sure to mention the specific specialization. Stating what you are particularly interested in presents you as a reliable and mature candidate. Would you like to study prosthodontics, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, or pathology? Talking about the specialization, not dentistry overall, will surely enhance your essay. That proves you did some research and are committed to the chosen path.
  • Speaking of writing a personal statement for dental school in general, do not torture yourself. It is a common practice to ask professional writers for some guidance. Our experienced editors will help you to turn your essay into a masterpiece.
    Are you having a hard time beginning your essay? Do not rush. In the first place, read through examples of personal statements for dental school. Get a general idea of what it is supposed to be as a whole text.

    How to conclude a dental application personal statement?

    Your essay is almost ready. Motivation, skills, and a touching story are provided. Let’s proceed with writing a conclusion for your dental personal statement. On your way to finally preparing a well-written essay, you do not want to ruin everything with a complicated conclusion. The best solution is to sum up your motivation for a career in dentistry. In 2-3 sentences, say that dentistry is a well-thought-out decision and that you are certain that this particular school is an ideal place to commence your career.

    Top questions about dental personal statement

    A short intro to the Q/A section
    There is a lot of hassle about composing a personal statement. Do not get lost in essay writing and the application process overall. Take a look at these questions and answers to clarify some essential issues.
    Question #1 – How many dental schools should you apply to?
    Applying for dentistry is an incredibly stressful and time-consuming process. You go through numerous stages like choosing schools, preparing applications, and going to interviews. It all takes almost a year. The most troublesome thing is that you are applying to several schools. Thus, you have to undergo these stages simultaneously.
    On the one hand, applying to more schools gives you more chances to get accepted. You know that a dental school is everything you want, and you can’t wait one more year!
    On the other hand, applying to 5-10 schools makes you distribute your attention more. Therefore, the quality of your essays might suffer. Moreover, do not forget about application fees and deposits.
    So, what is the optimum number when it comes to dentistry schools? Waiting for an accurate answer, huh? It is not that simple. However, we can help.
    Firstly, it’s not a college. So, 10 applications are certainly too much. Also, you have more experience than a high-schooler. Thus, you have got more options to evaluate yourself. For what school is your GPA the most suitable? Where do you have almost no chances? Make such a list of schools. It is hard work as you have got to do thorough research about scores and acceptance rates. Nevertheless, when you are done, you will have a helpful list displaying your chances and preferences, which will certainly boost the likelihood of entering the desired school.
    Overall, you will have 6 schools rated from the most desired to the least desired. Stay interested in the chosen school to the very end. Remember that an interview does not mean acceptance. So, when you receive an invitation to the school from the very top of the list, do not forget about those below. We know that you are a smart cookie and want you to get accepted, but it is better to be 100% sure.
    Question #2 – What do you wear to a dental school interview?
    Well, the application period is over, and more than a month has already passed. Still, it does not mean that you do not need to care about anything. Since you have applied and sent all the documents, you have been waiting for the decision regarding an interview. Given that you are reading this article, we can assume that you have gotten that call. Congratulations! You have gotten invited to an interview! Now, between you and your dream (the dental school), there is only one thing, a meeting with the admission committee. You have achieved a lot and have gotten very far, but it is not the end. No matter whether you feel nervous or confident, you have got to put some effort into the preparation for an interview. Do you know that the acceptance rate after the interview is approximately 40%? We have no intention to scare you. We only want you to realize that this talk with the admission staff is crucial. Shall we begin?
    First of all, do not be too worried about serious questions about your academic knowledge. They have your GPA, DAT, CV, and essay: they have selected you based on these documents. Other things are also vital. These are the way you look, the way you greet, the way you seat and talk. It all also matters, you know. You have got to show good manners and leave a favorable first impression. This stuff is the cornerstone of a successful interview. That is what you need as well: your head up, a welcoming and friendly smile, confidence in your eyes, and a firm handshake. It is amazing if this list is your day-to-day routine. If not, consider practicing your entrance to an interview and small talk with a friend or relative.
    The main thing is not to perceive an interview as an exam and interviewers as people who want to fail you. Yes, you must prepare answers, and yes, they are not your friends. Nonetheless, you will do it much better if you don’t worry too much. Getting relaxed and confident is the first step in this test.
    Make sure to read your essay once again. Your piece of writing is the primary material for your interview. You can read your essay and think about what questions can be asked based on it. Make a list of all the questions you would ask the person who has written such a personal statement. It is imperative to expound on information from an essay. You do not have to repeat it.
    Let’s give you a small insight into what you might be asked during an interview:

  • What part of the application would you like us to overlook?
  • What has been the most rewarding (or challenging) experience in your life?
  • Tell me about your shadowing experiences.
  • What field of dentistry appeals to you the most, and why?
  • What do you consider to be your most considerable weakness?
  • A good preparation technique is actually to write down succinct, structured, and coherent answers. Do not try to memorize them: you might feel nervous if you cannot remember some of them.

    The last words to say

    Yeah, composing a dental school personal statement is a demanding task. On the other hand, compared to what is waiting for you in the dentistry school itself, the application process is a piece of cake. Again, we do not want to scare you. Dentistry is what you want career-wise, right? Nevertheless, do not forget to take care of yourself during the tough application period. When it comes to an essay, we would recommend you to ask professional essay writers for guidance. Guarantee an interview in the dental school that you dream of by creating a fantastic essay with us!