Economics Personal Statement

A personal statement has a huge impact on everyone’s application. Nevertheless, composing an outstanding essay can be a challenging task. When preparing this type of document, you have to talk concisely about why you are interested in economics and why you wish to advance your knowledge in this field. So, we have samples to help you write an exceptional essay.

What Is an Economics Personal Statement?

An economics personal statement is an essay up to 4000 characters explaining why you are an appropriate candidate for the economics course. Along with high grades, a decent college essay can boost your chances of winning a place at the chosen institution. If your interest consists in taking a course that combines this subject with another closely related one, then you have to mention that in your essay. For instance, when writing a business and economics personal statement, make it clear why these two areas matter to you. Take a look at our economics masters personal statement samples to understand what we mean fully.

How to Write a Successful Economics Personal Statement

For your piece of writing to be successful, it has to meet certain criteria. Firstly, it must contain relevant information. If you are composing a postgraduate economics personal statement, dwell on your academic journey and work experience if you have some. Tailor your economics university personal statement to the specific institution and the program that you are applying for.
What is more, make sure that your essay corresponds with the following:

  • Affirmative and enthusiastic tone
  • Convincing proofs to support your claims
  • Succinct sentences
  • These things will ensure that your economics PhD personal statement is presentable and persuasive. We recommend that you first read through what is required of you before you start composing your LSE personal statement.

    What Should You Include in an Economics Personal Statement

    In your college or university essay, it is necessary to include certain crucial information. Check out our business economics personal statement examples for you to understand better what your piece of writing has to contain. Firstly, explain why you wish to take that course at that specific university. Secondly, mention any relevant experience. For instance, your dissertations, projects, or work experience. Thirdly, outline your key skills, such as critical thinking, leadership, research, time management, or communication. Indicate what or who has inspired you and how. Lastly, list down your career goals and say how the course will help you reach them.
    Personal statements economics have to expound on your qualifications and interests. For example, if you are writing a business management and economics personal statement, you have to talk about why you enjoy learning both subjects and what you expect to achieve. Similarly, the desire to advance skills in finance, management, and planning can be included as motivation to be enrolled in an economics and finance course. Therefore, it can be incorporated into an economics and finance personal statement. Lastly, the aspiration to solve real-world issues through understanding concepts, such as taxation, auditing, and accounting, can be added to an economics and accounting personal statement.