English Literature Personal Statement

What is an English literature personal statement?

An English literature personal statement is a paper written to persuade. In this piece of writing, you have to talk about the source of your delight in English literature. You also have to touch upon the reasons for your wish to study this subject at an educational institution.
The same applies when we are dealing with an Oxbridge English personal statement. There are simple rules to follow. Show your interest in the subject, illustrate your talents, and explain the motives.
In your English personal statement, try to specify who you want to become. For instance, a journalist, a digital copywriter, an editor, etc. Have not decided yet?
Let’s suppose you have opted for creative writing as your career goal. Hence, your creative writing personal statement has to focus on what has inspired you to make such a choice. That could be a narrative style, a famous literary work, or a particular author.

How to write a successful English literature personal statement?

To prepare a successful personal statement for English literature, you need to plan out every step carefully. Lots of students all across the globe struggle to combine their thoughts and compose a smooth story. In order to avoid this mistake, make a plan.
On the internet, find a decent English literature personal statement example. Take a notepad and start making notes. Ask yourself, “What makes this piece of writing unique? How is it structured? How do the paragraphs complement each other? What message does this paper communicate?”
There are no concrete rules to write a perfect English personal statement. Nonetheless, you have to take into consideration that an ideal essay is highly individual and compelling. Moreover, there are certain things that should be avoided in your piece of writing at any cost:

  • Criticism
  • In your essay, neither you nor others have to be criticized. That might leave an unfavorable impression on the admission committee.

  • Informal language
  • Using slang in your piece of writing can often be considered disrespectful. In your paper, you can sound friendly in other ways.

  • Exaggeration
  • No one likes empty words. It is even worse when the text is filled with lies. Stay true, and the admission tutors will notice and praise it.

  • Plagiarism
  • There is almost nothing that can spoil your paper more than plagiarism. It is not a personal statement if there are no or few personal opinions.
    What should you include in an English literature personal statement?
    Personal statement samples differ in their structure. What we suggest that you include in your English personal statement is:

  • Why you want to study the subject deeply
  • What has made you choose this university
  • The reason you are so passionate about the subject
  • Show a close link between your skills and the chosen field
  • Prove your potential