Full Guide to a Great HKUST Personal Statement

If you want to graduate from a prestigious school in order to boost your resume and qualification, there are several schools to choose from. One of those schools is the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. But before even considering that you first need to qualify and join the school but to do this; you need to make a great graduate school personal statement that could catch the attention of the officers in charge of the admission process. One thing that could help you in writing your HKUST personal statement is to learn about the school you want to get admitted to.hkust application personal statement

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Basic Details to Know about HKUST

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is an international research academe that focuses pushing towards excellence in various fields of expertise, including the following:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Business and Humanities

It has established its reputation to be an intellectual force that continuously supporting the society by extensively educating people in different fields. It can be considered one of the best in the academic field, which is why taking care of your HKUST PhD application or HKUST MBA application can be a real challenge, not only in terms of difficulty but also with the competition.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was established in the year 1991. It is located on a peaceful hillside campus with a waterfront complex that overlooks the Clear Water Bay peninsula. You can easily reach it by driving from Central Hong Kong in less than 30 minutes.

Statistics and Numbers

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology houses the following number of students as of December 2016:

  • Undergraduate – 9, 334
  • Postgraduates – 4, 874
  • Local Hong Kong Students – 9, 148
  • Non-local Students – 5, 060

It currently has 641 regular faculty members with 157 patents filed and 162 patents granted. Named to be number 1 in the 2017 Times Higher Education Young University Rankings in Asia, it is also ranked second in the world, and 13th in the 2016 Global Employability University Ranking.good HKUST personal statement sample

HKUST Undergraduate Programs to Consider

In writing your personal statement, you should also consider the program you want to enter too. In Hong Kong University Science and Technology, there are five schools where several undergraduate programs are assigned. These are the following:

School of Science

  • Life Science
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Specific requirements for the School of Science are made available on their website.

School of Engineering

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Computer Engineering Program Office
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering

hkust ranking

School of Business and Management

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • SBM UG Programs Office
  • Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • World Bachelor in Business Program Office

Find out specific instructions for requires of this school on the official website.

School of Humanities and Social Science

  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Social Science

Read the specific instruction on their site.

Interdisciplinary Programs Office

  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Interdisciplinary Programs Office

Whichever of the undergraduate programs you choose, you can start with reading the general admission instructions.

How to Write Your HKUST Personal Statement

If you are having a hard time in starting your own personal statement, you can always like at an HKUST personal statement example online for reference. If you are writing one for your own, make sure to always take into consideration the HKUST personal statement requirements that admission officers look for in it.

Writing a personal statement using personal statement humour is not as easy as a college essay. You need to focus the idea and flow of thought of the entire thing to be concise and direct to the point. Also, consider if you are entering an HKUST postgraduate application or an undergraduate one. This could have a bearing on how you write your personal statement and what you write on it.

hkust application personal statement help

Graduate school personal statement is more challenging to write since offices would expect more from your output compared to what they would expect for an undergraduate statement. It could be difficult for some, which is what personal statement service is usually for. But this could also be made easier by following these Dos and Don’ts in writing your personal statement.


  • Use the allowable number of words and consume as much as you can while at the same time being concise and direct to the point
  • Showcase your strengths
  • Integrate your personality in writing your personal statement
  • Include important details and share relevant experiences
  • Incorporate in your personal statement the interest for the University of Hong Kong programs
  • Make sure that it shows that you are looking head towards the future


  • Do not let the HKUST personal statement topics revolve around you (Make sure to discuss the school and what it can provide you)
  • Never lie on your personal statement and only include the truth about yourself and what you want from the school
  • Avoid punctuation and grammatical errors
  • Avoid using jargons and street language
  • Don’t ramble and rant on the statement just to meet the number of words required
  • Never talk about other universities you may also be considering
  • Don’t start with “I” in every sentence

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