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How 2020 MBA Admissions Have Changed Due to Coronavirus

Now, when the coronavirus disease is going global, many regular admission venues, where MBA contestants get the grades for tests, are not open. Final dates and application-related processes for MBA are adjusted to rounds that are considered late. Institutions are modifying the rules of enrolling new students. Some are analyzing candidates without relying on their test grades. They have also begun arranging virtual interviewing and awareness-raising movements online as social distancing is now imposed.

Poets&Quants has explored all the sites on the Internet and contacted institutions to give you the freshest info, especially regarding the US educational establishments that offer the 50 top MBA programs in accordance with ranking by Poets&Quants. The answers they have gotten from institutions are represented below.

Stanford GSB

No time and procedural shifts are happening right now. According to the institution, the final date for the third round stays April 8, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. (Pacific Time). They aim at proving that they can find solutions for all candidates since the third round involves defer-eligible candidates and those who are entering the institution specifically this season. They are not shifting the last date for future students and provide measures associated with the quarantine, financial help, and others. They let everyone use the necessary examination grades following the last date for the third round.

Chicago Booth SB

The ultimate date for participation in the third round is prolonged to May 31. The earlier deadline was April 2, but they have expanded the period to enroll students. The GRE and GMAT grades can undergo submission before July 1. Look for details on this page.


The institution has postponed the last date for participation in the 2+2 course till June 1. HBS will deal with a bigger waiting list than usual, anticipating fewer international students this September.

UPenn Wharton

Requests for participation in the third round can be confirmed without the standard test grade. The final date will be prolonged until April 15. Advance Access is postponed until May 27. Extra info about Wharton is on this page.

Northwestern University KSM

The institution is arranging a rolling application cycle for MBA contestants after the third round from April 8 till June 1, in accordance with R. Cherubin, the senior director of admissions. The last date for participation in the third round stays April 8. If you match this date, you will probably be amongst the earliest whose suitability will be evaluated, and you will get to know the school’s choice on May 13. Kellogg will get GMAT and GRE grades from online tests.

Candidates do not have to pass the standard test, but the test grades will ultimately be necessary this season. The final date for the Kellogg Future Leaders will be moved from April 2 to June 3, and the new results date will be July 29. All the updates are here.

K. Smith, assistant dean of admissions and financial aid, mentions that they have online communication plans, so future students can still be introduced to Kellogg. They will conduct interviews. If a candidate can pass a test before May 1, the choice will be made for the third round. If not, their task will be to analyze the circumstances of everyone and postpone an examination till June. Any other cases will be moved to the next year.

MIT Sloan

The institution is prolonging its third round for the MBA admission until June 15. Currently, there are no significant shifts regarding entry in 2020. At present, MIT Sloan has no intention of postponing dates. They have already put off the date for the MBA Early Admission till June 2.

Columbia BS

The last date for submission is currently June 1. The examination results can be delayed, but without them, no enrollment is possible. They have moved the last application date to June 1, 2020, instead of April. Besides, they welcome applicants without the GMAT, GRE, and Executive Assessment grades but cannot enroll anybody without the standard test grades.

UC Haas

The deadline for the fourth round is May 4, and results will be known before June 4. People who have no test grades are recommended to send applications during the final round and make use of the ‘GRE at Home’ and the upcoming virtual GMAT.

Dartmouth Tuck

The school gives additional time for third-round candidates. To help everyone, they will be receiving applications till March 30. However, they will also allow submission during the extra fourth round, which will be from April 1 till June 1. Choices will be known as usual in a few weeks, from May 11 to July 1.

Yale SOM

The school is putting off the final date for the third round to April 24. B. DelMonico, director of MBA admissions, has made an announcement, where he has mentioned that they are not changing the ultimate date for the third round, April 14. Still, they have prolonged the deadline for providing the GMAT or GRE grades until April 24. Besides, they are postponing the final date for the third round till May 27 for people who do not have the opportunity of submitting their documents within the set timeframe for the third round and whose applications are not ready by that date. Choices will be known in June.

UVA Darden

The school is postponing the last date for the third round from April 6 to July 15. Furthermore, the ACT and SAT scores instead of the GMAT/GRE grades can be accepted. They recommend sending all the materials of high academic value. Except for the undergraduate GPA, they will take into account certifications, the CPA, the CFA, after-baccalaureate coursework, etc.

Additional info can be found in the article about the most radical shifts regarding the MBA due to the pandemic.

UMich Ross

The dates have not been altered yet. The last is March 30, but prolongation until May 29 has also been agreed upon. The virtual GMAT/GRE grades can be submitted. The period of the MBA application has also been extended with the last date on June 15. For those who provide their documents to begin studies in autumn 2020, some GMAT/GRE waivers are allowed, though they are limited. S. Kwan, managing director of full-time MBA admissions, advises international students to match the initial timeframe to have more time for making their choice.

SC Johnson School of Management

The last 2-year MBA date is still April 8, but the final date for sending the official examination grades is June 1. In case they are not provided before June 1, the whole cycle will be postponed to 2020-2021, and there will be no need to apply again. Look for the newest info here.

Duke’s Fuqua

There is no news. Updates are on this page.

UCLA Anderson

The school is prolonging the third round from April 16 to June 1. Also, potential students can present the GMAT and GRE grades by July 1. The institution still needs test grades. All the news is on this page.

NYU Stern

The dates are postponed until May 1. The institution mentions that to support future scholars, they have moved the last date for the full-time 2-year MBA course to May 1. Choices will be announced before May 1. Consider that they also allow the submission of the virtual GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL grades.

To clarify all the things and provide you with all the necessary information, they advise turning to them by email (sternmba@stern.nyu.edu) or phoning (212-998-0600). They also have a site with all the news.

Tepper School of Business

The institution is canceling MBA application fees through July 31. They will arrange admission on a rolling basis from June 1 to July 31 and also accept people without the GMAT or GRE grades. Still, they will have to join the Tepper Mathematics Prep course and successfully finish studying it, participate in the Math Skills Workshop, and get a minimum of 3.0 GPA in the first term.


International students can apply without submitting the test grade, but they will not be enrolled until the grade is delivered. The fourth round for local applicants will also be arranged.

R. Malta, managing director of MBA admissions and recruitment, mentions that international students may submit without examination results. Nevertheless, their applications will not be reviewed until the grades are provided. The length of the process is not known for sure, so during the third round, a candidate will be either taken into consideration or rejected. There is the fourth round for local students. Unfortunately, due to visa issues, candidates from other countries cannot be evaluated during such a late period.

Deadlines are as follows:

  • Application: April 28
  • Deposit: May 26
  • Enrollment deposit: June 9

USC Marshall

The institution has prolonged the ultimate date for the fourth round till May 1. Then, they will keep accepting people within a rolling admission cycle. The news is on this page.

UNC Kenan-Flagle

The institution will postpone the beginning of its full-time MBA program from August 3 to August 31 and has prolonged the deadline for the fourth round for the MBA program through July 13. Choices will be made within a rolling admission cycle. The GMAT/GRE waivers are possible for those who can provide the standard test grades, e.g., the SAT/ACT/LSAT/MCAT.

UW Foster

The institution opens the fourth round with the final date of May 19.

The Full-time MBA Program is opened for people who want to enroll in the autumn of 2020. For more info, check the website. They also offer videos that will help you to write an excellent admission document.

Goizueta Business School

The school has postponed the ultimate date for its 1-year MBA until April 15 and its 2-year MBA until July 1 from March 20. Application fees will be canceled.


Following April 15, the school will welcome candidates until June 1. Prospective students may apply before passing tests, but the results will matter for the ultimate choice. Look at the website for more info.

The school mentions that after April 15, the MBA program will keep accepting local students until June 1. Applicants with merits will be provided with monetary assistance. In case passing the GMAT or GRE will be postponed because of the COVID-19, everyone will be able to apply before the tests. Nevertheless, the choices will be made only after the provision of the test results.

Applicants may reach the school by email (iumba@indiana.edu). It is also possible to talk by phone or via Skype with the admissions committee.

Georgetown McDonough

Following the end of the fourth round, which will be on April 27, Georgetown McDonough will be open for applications for a full-time MBA program till June 27.
Check more information on this page.

Rice Business

The application fee will be canceled, and the third round will be turned into the admission on a rolling basis. Potential students may get exemptions from the testing demands for the predictable future.

J. Kennedy, executive director of MBA admissions, says that they keep receiving autumn 2020 applications for their MBA and MAcc programs. Currently, they are canceling fees and turning the third round into admission on a rolling basis.

Their virtual MBA is still functional, and they are welcoming candidates for July 2020 and Jan 2021.

The school offers virtual classes, which started on March 13 for their professional students and on March 16 for their full-time students. Look for more info.

The school has also made the announcement of the new Rice MBA Early Admit Program for undergraduate seniors. For applicants who are submitting before June 30, the SAT or ACT grades may be provided instead of the GMAT or GRE grades. Those who are providing the GMAT or GRE grades can submit by June 30 without the test grades but must provide the GMAT or GRE marks by July 31.

Georgia Tech Scheller College

There are no updates at this moment. E. Sharkey, director of MBA admissions and operations, mentions that the final date for the fourth round is April 1, and the final date for the fifth round is June 1. Besides, this college is going to be more adaptable in terms of application deadlines. Their team is quick to react.

Mendoza College

The school is postponing the ultimate date for the full-time 2-year MBA/MSBA until May 1 and for the 1-year MBA until April 14. It will proceed to deal with rolling admission following that date. It is canceling application fees too.

They only need your application materials (resume, essay, PPT, and statement of purpose). Application fees can be canceled with the code IRISHMBA.

Vanderbilt Owen

The school is canceling application fees for the third round. It is also possible for third-round candidates to apply with non-official test results. The school is also organizing the fourth round, which finishes on June 1, 2020.

S. Oldham, Associate Dean of MBA Operations, has announced that they are receiving information that test centers are being closed. They guarantee that after the provision of the test results, candidates will get to know about the choice concerning them in a week.

WashU Olin

The latest news is that the school is putting off the beginning of full-time MBAs from June 23 to August 24. Olin usually commences its program with a global absorption trip, which will have a duration of July and August. This trip will be moved to the 2021 spring term.

BYU Marriott

The school has postponed the final date for the fourth round from May 1 till May 31.

PSU Smeal

There will be rolling admission until July 1 following the ultimate date of April 1.

The college states that it is welcoming applicants, though everyone is learning from home. After the last submission date of April 1, they will arrange admission on a rolling basis until July 1, and they will accelerate the reviewing process so that candidates can have enough time to receive everything needed. If a student cannot present the test grades because of the shutdowns of test centers, they have to mention it in their application materials, and the admission committee will finish the review. Still, the test results will be necessary for making the ultimate choice regarding a student.

Local students may submit an application for the cancellation of the test if they do not have the possibility to pass the examination.

UMN Carlson

Carlson is arranging a full-time MBA round that expires on June 1 and is expanding its adaptability regarding test results.

The school mentions that the planned Part-Time, Online, and Executive MBA ultimate dates will be the same.

If you have some queries, contact their MBA team or email mba@umn.edu.

As for the MSBA Program, the launch date has been postponed from the summer to the fall of 2020. Also, another round of May 15 will be arranged.

MSU Broad

The school reviews each case of the need for some changes and considers the prolongation of the fourth round.

ASU W. P. Carey

No news is currently available. According to K. Steinmetz, associate dean of graduate programs, they have not officially rescheduled the application, but they support students.

Wisconsin School of Business

There is no news.

B. Sanford, assistant dean of MBA and Master’s programs, mentions that the final date for the Full-Time MBA is June 1, but it is possible to postpone it.

OSU Fisher

The college will publish some enrollment choices beforehand to help international applicants.

M. Halligan, senior director of graduate programs, says that the college is not planning to move the last dates for the submission, but they will announce enrollment results in advance.

Rochester Simon

The school will set the final date of June 15 for submitting applications for the fall of 2020 and will cancel a $90 application fee for everyone. The school also asks students to pass the GRE or TOEFL virtually if they have such a possibility, but if not, they may apply for the cancelation of the test (in case they have a 3.2 GPA). They will also scrap their pre-fall orientation for students intending to go to the school and have moved the date of entry to August 2020.

UCI Merage

The school will begin analyzing documents of those who have passed self-reported or non-official examinations but will not enroll anybody without the official test results.

J. Ho, associate dean of master’s programs, announced that they had modified the conditions for applicants, but all the official grades would be reviewed.

Pitt Katz

The final application date for all full-time programs has been postponed until May 1. The school allows applicants to submit the Duolingo English Test scores instead of the TOEFL or IELTS grades. The school also allows providing non-official copies of test results and academic documents. All campus activities and interviews will be held virtually.

The school has announced that students are invited to apply now and not wait until May 1.


The school is postponing the final date of the fall 2020 application for the MBA till August 2. Waivers are available for the GMAT, GRE, and English competence examinations.

S. Goodwin, associate dean of Graduate Programs and Executive Education, says that they want everyone to know that Cox is providing students with online classes.

UF Warrington

The institution mentions that it is among the first educational establishments to suggest virtual classes. It provides online open days, information sessions, and random chats through Zoom.

They have also postponed the final date of applying for the MBA to simplify the admission process for their summer and autumn programs. If the GMAT or GRE has not been passed, students can contact the school for an individual solution. You can visit their website to see what else they offer.

BU Questrom

Currently, there are no updates.

UMD Smith

The school will offer standard test cancelations for the full-time MBA program. Those submitting before June 1 (the last date) do not need to provide the GMAT and GRE grades. P. Quintero, senior director of full-time MBA and specialty master’s programs, says that they will pay attention to the academic background, experience, certifications, and other relevant points.

The last updates are on this page.

UT Dallas Jindal

Currently, there are no updates, but there is an idea to cancel the submission of the test results.

L. Shatz, assistant dean of MBA programs, states that they are thinking about scrapping the provision of the test grades for PMBA students based on their education and experience of work.

Texas A&M Mays

There are no updates so far.

P. Cudney, director of MBA recruiting and admissions, says that they are not modifying anything at present. Still, they will examine what is going on in the world and will do something if necessary.

UGA Terry

The school will analyze candidatures before receiving the test results, but they will ultimately be needed for enrollment. They are prolonging the deadline for the fifth round until August 5 and will attempt to use individual approaches in case of necessity.

D. Kane, director of admissions for full-time MBA dual-degree programs, mentions that they are checking documents before receiving the GMAT/GRE/TOEFL/IELTS grades. However, these estimates are required before they make a choice.

UC Davis GSM

Currently, there is no news.

Purdue Krannert

There is no news so far.

UTK Haslam

The college is prolonging the deadlines until April 15 for international candidates and until July 1 for local students. The college will start reviewing applications without the test results.

T. Bates, director of admissions for graduate business programs, says that they can also interview candidates virtually.

Fordham Gabelli

Fordham Gabelli has postponed the final date for the fourth and fifth rounds until May 15 and June 5, respectively. The late provision of test grades and official transcripts is allowed, and they have made the standard test grade waiver rules a little less strict.

Auburn Harbert

The deadlines are prolonged until June 1, and the submission of the GMAT/GRE results will be canceled for candidates who meet certain requirements.

The college has announced that it is offering convenient admission possibilities for the autumn of 2020. The final dates of submitting documents for the Full-Time and the Online MBA programs have been postponed till June 1 to give applicants more time.


The college is scrapping the compulsory submission of the GMAT/GRE results for the MBA, the deadline for which is August 1.

The college informs that it hosts all MBA events, including virtual info sessions and personal phone consultations. It all is available for all master’s programs, such as MS in Math Finance, MS in Economics, Master of Accountancy, and MS in Real Estate.

Northeastern D’Amore-McKim

D’Amore-McKim School of Business has announced that it is concerned about the welfare of our society. They keep reviewing candidatures for MBAs. Because of the quarantine, classes and the summer semester will be conducted virtually.

Syracuse Whitman

The school will arrange an additional round with the last date of May 15. Besides, the school allows the submission of the Duolingo English Test instead of the TOEFL.

C. Wszalek, executive director of graduate admissions and student recruitment, says that they also provide qualified applicants with monetary assistance. Almost all of their students are suitable for scholarships.

Read more on this page.

Elon LSB

The school will cancel all registration fees and deposits for future graduate students. The institution also suggests submission without the GRE or GMAT grades or trying an online examination.

The institution has announced that some candidates have the opportunity to get the cancellation of the test demand. If applicants cannot be qualified for it, they should try passing the GRE or GMAT online. Email gradadm@elon.edu for more information.

RIT Saunders

The college reviews candidacies without the test results and allows the submission of the Duolingo English Test grade as an ESL examination score. It is a rolling application process.

The college has informed that in this session, they are welcoming people without the GMAT/GRE and TOEFL/IELTS test grades. Nevertheless, they may be asked to provide supplemental materials or invited to a virtual interview. The institution keeps receiving documents for all graduate programs. It is possible to get more information by emailing gradbus@saunders.rit.edu or on the website.

Pepperdine Graziadio

The final date for applying is April 1, but additional materials will be accepted until May 1.

Supplemental documents may include a copy of the GRE or GMAT, transcripts, and international applications with the TOEFL iBT or IELTS grades. If you need more info, you can reach the admissions committee by email pgbs.admission@pepperdine.edu.

Lehigh University

The compulsory submission of the GMAT and GRE will be canceled for the Full-Time One-MBA and Part-Time FLEX MBA programs and all Specialty Master’s programs in business and economics. The TOEFL at home through ETS or Duolingo is acceptable for international students. It is possible to cancel application fees as well.

UI Tippie

The GMAT or GRE is not demanded anymore, and application fees are canceled.

The college announces that the quarantine has affected access to the needed standard tests, which are the GMAT and GRE. That is why they are not necessary to submit for an MBA.
During this period, Tippie also cancels fees for participation in all MBA and MS programs, including MS in Finance and MS in Business Analytics.

It is possible to arrange an online conversation with a registration specialist.

UB School of Management

All graduate school deadlines are prolonged.

The school informs that it keeps accepting applicants for all MBA – Full Time, Professional, and Executive – and Master of Science programs, and therefore it has prolonged deadlines. It is possible to qualify for the cancelation of the GMAT/GRE requirement. The institution offers online collaboration, or you can email som-apps@buffalo.edu.


The school allows the submission of non-full applications for the third round and has arranged the fourth round with the last date of June 1. Later, it will be possible to submit documents until July 15 within the rolling application process.

The school announces that it has modified the admission process for the MBA to mirror the influence of the COVID-19. Carey also suggests canceling the obligatory submission of the GMAT/GRE grades. Applicants can talk with the admissions committee about whether they are eligible.


The school is postponing the last date for the submission of international applications until May 1.

The institution offers to turn to it by email (RadyGradAdmissions@ucsd.edu) when there are some queries or a need to arrange a call with an admissions consultant. The school also recommends to stay tuned for online events and take an online campus tour.

Tobin College of Business

For an offline and online MBA program and MSs, the college will cancel the GMAT submission requirement for the 2020 summer and autumn enrollment and receive documents within the rolling application process through August.

For more info, you can email A. Steiger (steigera@stjohns.edu) or visit the webpage. Also, useful information can be found here.

UBC Sauder Graduate School

The school is making the ‘initial review’ without the GMAT/GRE or English competence grades. All the test results and official transcripts must be provided by June 30, the prolonged ultimate date for application.

The institution informs that it is possible to make an online appointment with the admission team here. They are ready to consider your application with non-official transcripts, degrees, and certificates. Upload copies of documents to the portal. If you have questions, go to our website here.

Rutgers Business School

The school is arranging the fifth round with the last date of July 5. Later they are going to receive materials within the rolling admission process.
The institution is moving the deadline for submission from April 1 to April 15. It is also canceling application fees and deposit for Class of 2020 cohorts.

International schools


It is possible to apply without the GMAT/GRE grades.

The school informs that its MBA staff continues providing everyone with informational support. It invites people to an online coffee chat or one-on-one information session.

It also offers applicants the opportunity to submit as planned and provide the test results later. An option for the virtual GRE test is accessible, and the GMAT will be possible to pass in April.

Oxford University

It is possible to submit documents without the standard test grades, but the admission committee will need them to make a decision. The deadline will be known later.

The university states that candidates will be interviewed according to other factors, and the test results can be submitted by the final date. Fourth-stage interviews will be held virtually.


The next deadline for submission is May 1. It is possible to submit documents without the test results, and conditional proposals will be made before testing venues open. Candidacies will be evaluated based on other factors.


Prospective students can apply without test results.

The school announces the creation of new virtual events, such as information sessions, panels, 121s, and application workshops.

ESMT Berlin

Early deadlines are prolonged for every graduate program. Applicants may submit materials without the standard test result.

The institution informs that it has prolonged early application deadlines for all MIM, MBA, part-time MBA, and EMBA programs, thereby allowing applicants to save their money from their tuition. Students may submit the GMAC Essential Skills test instead of the GMAT or GRE. There is an opportunity to pass it virtually. You may also submit before getting the test results. They hold a range of virtual events, and the admissions team is ready to provide you with all the necessary information.


Currently, there are no updates.


The school is inviting applicants without the standard test results. It is also possible to apply after the last date of May 5 within the rolling application process, but it is recommended to submit within the deadline.

The institution is currently keeping the admission process as usual, but it has scrapped its Assessment Days and other in-person things. Also, all interviews are held virtually.

They realize that students are now unable to pass the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, or other necessary tests. That is why they have let candidates submit without the test results. Nevertheless, the final choices will be made when the test grades are provided.

In case of any queries, students may contact the regional Associate Director of Admissions.

Queen’s Smith

The school announces that it has changed the requirements for international candidates. They will cancel the World Education Services (WES) requirement for international applicants. They will provide every student with an individual approach letting them submit with non-official transcripts. Still, they will require official ones before the beginning of the MBA course.

Asia School of Business

Considering the difficulties that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused to those who intend to apply for the school’s MBA program this season, they are setting the deadline for the fourth round until April 20 for students who cannot apply within the deadline for the third round (April 2). If you need answers to some questions, visit the webpage.

Durham Business School

The school is reviewing candidacies and is ready to support potential students. This year, pre-session English courses will be held virtually. This time, CAS and Tier 4 student visas are not needed to participate in these courses, so the institution is currently taking into consideration non-UKVI IELTS and TOEFL. You may read more on the school’s Ask us page.

Imperial College Business School

Talking of the Full-Time MBA and MSc International Management programs, the school has softened the demands regarding the GMAT/GRE test grades to let applicants register without the grade. Some conditional suggestions will be made by the institution if necessary.

Alliance MBS

The institution keeps suggesting the Global MBA and Full-Time MBA. Speaking of the Global MBA, the application process is conducted virtually, and applicants suggested starting their studies in July will be able to postpone them until January 2021. They will not have to make any supplemental payments.

Source: poetsandquants.com

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