Law Degree Personal Statement

What Is a Law Degree Personal Statement?

A legal personal statement is an application document that provides the admission tutors with the fullest picture of a student, supporting their success rate. It has to convince them that you are a worthy applicant and is eager to enrich your knowledge of the law and build a legal career after graduation.
As usual, UCAS essays for enrollment in the law program emphasize the student’s desire and inspiration to study at the legal department. The admission tutors have to be sure of the applicant’s interests, skills, and achievements and, therefore, confident that the candidate would be a valuable asset to the institution and this professional sphere.
Do not forget to keep the law personal statement structure logical. Feel free to use law personal statement examples on our website to simplify the writing process. However, remember that the essay has to be unique.

How to Write a Successful Law Degree Personal Statement?

To be accepted to the legal department, show your passion and determination to become a qualified lawyer. Provide the reasons that prove your sincere interest in law education. Moreover, do not forget to demonstrate your understanding of at least the basics of this area. Let them know that you are not an absolute newbie.
Mention some peculiarities of law-related professions that suit your personality the most. In a personal statement, explain that you have considered applying for this academic field for a long time. It does not have to seem to the admission board that you have made an instant decision to study law because it is popular.
Therefore, here are some useful tips that are taken from various Harvard law personal statement examples:

  • Find as much information as you can about the law department that you are applying for. It is imperative to know from the very beginning what is expected of applicants and what the required level is.
  • Think deeply about the structure of your law degree essay and how you will present yourself to the admission tutors.
  • Keep your application document succinct and avoid repetitions.
  • A personal statement should not be too long.
  • Do not use generic phrases and inessential information about your life. Be precise and clear.
  • Legal personal statement examples may assist you in formulating some ideas and give some insight.


    What should you include in a law degree personal statement?

    It is not an easy task to compose a winning legal personal statement. You have to talk about your skills and achievements to impress the admission board with your benefits and strengths.
    Be selective in the things from the life that you include in a law degree essay to describe yourself. Think carefully about what can be the most pertinent to law degree studies. Do not exaggerate your advantages. False information will be noticed by the admission tutors. Just be yourself.
    Do not forget to check your statement, double-check, or even triple-check. It is worth your effort because it is a presentation of your personality to the desired university faculty.