Law Personal Statement

Before getting a law degree, a student has to determine what law practice area they are the most interested in. It can be a corporate law, tax law, intellectual property, etc. This choice is essential because it will define an undergraduate’s career path in the future.

What Is a Law Personal Statement?

To apply successfully to the law department, you need to provide the admission board with a proper legal personal statement by following the requirements strictly. A well-written personal application document cannot be prepared within a day. It is better to begin with drafts and some brainstorm on the topics that you intend to highlight in your law statement.
Persuade the admission tutors that you are a worthy student who will demonstrate excellent performance and impressive skills while studying at the law faculty. We have prepared for you some examples of UCAS essays that will advise you on how to present yourself in the right manner to get a place at the university.

How to Write a Successful Law Personal Statement?

If you are undoubtedly going to become a law student, in your legal personal statement, try to avoid immersing in the law field too much. Just mention that you are interested in studying law and justice and want to enrich your knowledge.
Before composing a personal statement, make sure you know the necessary information about the activities at the chosen department, what disciplines are studied there, and what the requirements are. To reflect your enthusiasm in a piece of writing, it is better to describe your experience that is connected to this field and has inspired you to acquire professional knowledge of it.
Look at some law personal statement examples. You will notice that each of them has a paragraph about the student’s ambitions and career growth plans. Speaking of the style of providing information in a personal statement, try to be concrete when expressing your thoughts and show a positive way of thinking. Your personal essay must have a logical structure and be written in common language: use neither strict formal words like in legislative acts nor conversational and slang expressions.
Do not plagiarize. The admission tutors will likely notice even the smallest piece of copied content. If you have read legal personal statement examples before composing your own essay, refrain from incorporating the ideas from those works. All people are different and have their own writing styles. Hence, remain sincere and unique.


What Should You Include in a Law Personal Statement?

Each legal personal statement has to introduce a student as positively as possible to leave a favorable impression on the admission tutors, who are in charge of selecting the most suitable applicants.
It also has to emphasize the best student’s traits and even minor achievements and experience in the law field. It can prove that a student is results-oriented and willing to get new information to become a professional.
If you participated in some academic competitions or classes or even got a certificate proving some knowledge and experience in this area of study, refer to that in your law statement.
In a personal statement, list down your skills, for instance, self-control, discipline, organization, or confidence in achieving high results. In this way, your piece of writing will look more attractive among those by other students.
The main criterion for the admission board is the applicant’s honesty. They need to know about the student’s aspirations and objectives. Therefore, avoid anyone’s help and rely only on your skills and knowledge.