Letter of Recommendation Editing

No matter whether you are an experienced professional who is applying to a fancy job or a dedicated and eager to learn student, you got to face the beast names LOT. Let’s remove the curtain – LOT is letter of recommendation. The name speaks for itself. There are two kind of disasters concerning rec letters: you either need one, or you was asked to write one. Nevertheless, our letter of recommendation editing services are always behind your back to secure you with a marvelous rec letter by offering you a competent letter of recommendation proofreading and letter of recommendation editing.

What is a letter of recommendation?

There is no need to explain what rec letter is – the name speaks for itself. Basically, it’s a review for a persona. Off course, not so cynical: it is a formal and dry review based on one’s academic or work performance and achievements. In other words, it is one more way to evaluate an individual. They’ve been popular since the ancient times (for real, it is not an exaggeration). Nowadays they rec letters are slowly losing their power. In the modern world, some companies ask for them while applying to the job. But mostly rec letters are needed for the academic enrollment.

Why writing a good recommendation letter is so important?

The popularity of rec letters may gradually decrease. It is true. Nevertheless, they haven’t gone at all yet. Thus, chances you will have to deal with them are pretty high. If you are applying to grad school or postgraduate program, you most definitely got to include rec letters to your application. These have to be a recommendation from qualified, respected people, who are related to the industry.


If you are a professor or a university teacher, chances that are asked bout the recommendation are hight. For the receiver, it is truly an important document. It is crucial to compose a letter, which is meeting all the required standards. It needs to be positive, yet unbiased: there is not a place for flattery and personal (not related to the work) conclusions. The line between the good rec letter and too passionate, or, visa versa, indifferent recommendation is very thin.

How can you edit your letter of recommendation?

Writing and composing a rec letter is an exhausting process itself. We are not even mentioning the stress this responsibility might cause: someone’s future is on stake and your letter is in control. Before getting down to edit letter of recommendation, it is crucial to know some basic stuff. By “basic stuff” we mean the rules business style writing. If you have been asked to write a rec letter, most definitely that you are familiar with what we are talking about. That is a correct term of address, greeting and ending. Bear in mind, in the end, you have to invite the receiver to contact you for any related questions. No worries, relax, it’s just a formality. But by offering to contacts, you make your recommendation more reliable and convincing. In case you have too long text (anything longer that one page, including addresses, is too much) make sure to shorten it. After the checking, whether your recommendation’s format is fine, do not forget to make a letter of recommendation proofread.

Most popular type of a recommendation letter people ask us to edit

Writers from letter of recommendation editing services have more than ten years of experience in writing a huge variety of kinds of personal statements. Thus, you can trust us with any task, no matter whether it is a rec letter for school, job or some kind of a project. Our experienced editors are competent to write every single kind: from the internal medicine letter of recommendation to family medicine letter of recommendation. Nowaday the highest demand is letter of recommendation for residency. Good grades and a convincing personal statement essay is not enough to get to the desired program. In order to look professional., applicant have to provide a couple of rec letters from a respected supervisors or teachers. You received a request for a rec letter and feel absolutely lost? You have no desire, time and resources to compose it? It is fine, torturing yourself is not a decision. Contact our service and our letter of recommendation editor will be assigned to you. With personal approach and proficient skills of our writers, the success will be guaranteed.

Tips and advices for your recommendation letter

There were a lot of small talk about the such a short thing as a recommendation letter. To sum up, it is strictly formal text, given as an addition to the document package while applying to job, school or residency. Let us set the record straight about all the unanswered questions about LORs.

What is the purpose of letters of recommendation?

For some positions, letter of recommendation might be a pure formality, for others – a crucial factor. The best way not to miss a shot is to treat every rec letter with a maximum level of responsibility and accuracy. You have to be positive, but fair and nonjudgmental. For instance, the purpose of the medical residency letter of recommendation is to verify your experience and see, by who you were taught in clinical or academic environment.

What should be written in a letter of recommendation?

Let’s cut the small talk. The best way to understand something quick is to categorise the info. Thus, here is a quick list of topics that should be covered in the letter of recommendations.

  1. All the formalities like greeting, addresses, farewell.
  2. A proposal to contact you
  3. A specific dates and place where you contacted with a person you are recommending
  4. A sentence or two about the general outlook on performance
  5. A project or task where the person you recommednding succeeded.

What should you avoid in a letter of recommendation?

You are fed up with us talking about that rec letter is extremely formal text. But, it is pretty much the main rule in the craft of composing rec letters. Here a some things you can’t write under any circumstances.

  1. Jokes and witty stories
  2. You personal attitude to the person who is being recommended
  3. Any opinion, which is unrelevant to the academic or job performance
  4. Purely negative comments
  5. Use too passionate or to extravagant adjectives and adverbs while describing person’s skills and qualities.
  6. Letter that is longer than one page.

Thus, avoid this six thing and your letter will be quite all right. Still, having doubts about the whole thing? Our comptetent and attentive writers are here to help you out on any stage of you writing process.

Why choose us

Composing a rec letter is a responsible and hard process. The short length of rec letters does not make them easier. Still, feeling insecure about the rec letter? Nothing to stress about. We are here to cover your back. Our letter of recommendation editing services offer you the guidance and assistance of one of the most qualified writers and editors on the market. Do not hesitate and make an order on our letter of recommendation review service.