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What Is a Letter of Recommendation?

You might be wondering, “What is a letter of recommendation for a job?” It’s a letter usually crafted by a person who knows your personality, skills, and any other relevant qualifications. This could be a former tutor, supervisor, employer, client, colleague, or any person with substantial knowledge about your individuality and qualifications.

What is a professional letter of recommendation? When seeking a job position, it might be required that you hand in a professional referral letter. Normally, this ldocument has to be drafted by a former employer or college supervisor. The main aim of this document is to deliver proof to a prospective employer about your qualifications & skills. This affirms the employer that you’re suitable, and should be considered for an interview. However, writing a letter of recommendation for a job applicant or promotion is not a skill everyone possesses. Therefore, if you’ve been requested by somebody to write this document for them and you have no clue on how to proceed, it is better to seek help.


What is a letter of recommendation for college? It’s a document composed to vouch for a college applicant’s fitness for a particular degree program. Ordinarily, it’s a former principal or tutor who gets to craft your recommendation letter to college. The document focuses primarily on the student’s past academic achievements, interpersonal skills, extracurricular activities, and personality.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation?

Writing a good recommendation letter requires apt knowledge about the target individual. Furthermore, you should have proper writing skills. Such knowledge will greatly help in making the letter remarkable, thus enhancing the chances of a candidate’s success.

First, before you begin composing the letter, you should understand its nature. Recommendation letters fall into two primary categories. These are specific recommendation letters and general reference letters. Thus, it’s crucial to recognize the requirements of the job position the candidate desires.

Specific letters require more comprehensive familiarity about the specific job. Conversely, general reference/recommendation letters only require an overview of the job categories the aspirant intends to pursue. The writer does not have to delve too much into particulars. For this reason, writing a job reference letter is simpler. Furthermore, reference letters can be used to apply for multiple job adverts.

Concerning writing a letter of recommendation for college or for a student, the author should elaborate on the aspirant’s general academic potential. The writer can also highlight the affirmative personalities of the candidate to make them more competitive. Noteworthy, high school principals usually write the majority of these documents.

When writing a letter of recommendation for a teacher, you should primarily highlight the applicant’s prior teaching experience and any other milestones within his/her career. Also, give your opinion about their competence. This is slightly different from writing a recommendation letter for graduate school, where the writer focuses on the tutee’s performance during undergraduate studies and any other qualities that make him/her outstanding. For instance, the author can present co-curricular activities, social work, etc.

Writing a letter of recommendation for a professor requires much more aforethought compared to the categories mentioned above. To become a professor, one must be highly knowledgeable and must have published at least one book, besides participating in various major projects within a given field of study. Hence, your recommendation letter should be crafted by a renowned professor.

While writing any type of recommendation document, you should request the candidate for his/her curriculum vitae or resume. It’s also important to peruse their cover letter to get a general picture of how they pitch themselves. In case it is a generalized recommendation, request them to offer details about their career aspirations.

What Is the General Structure of a Letter of Recommendation?

To write a remarkable letter, you need to follow the appropriate recommendation letter structure. Remember, a shoddily or hastily written recommendation letter will surely result in the applicant’s failure to attain their desired job or join an academic institution. For this reason, it is prudent to pay attention to the requirements of the advertised vacancy, plus the applicant’s qualification.

Some professionals do not recognize how to begin a recommendation letter. Hence, they end up sabotaging the application. You should begin by providing the sender’s address at the top left. After that, put the date underneath. Next, write the receiver’s address. All this contact information must be in block format.
Start the piece with a salutation. Next, proceed to write the actual letter. It consists of an introductory paragraph, a body section, and finally, an ending. Are you wondering about what to include in a letter of recommendation? Everything is simple:

In the opening part, state who you are and the connection you have to the candidate. You might be a coworker, a former boss, a supervisor, etc. Moreover, state the aspirant’s title and the duration that they have worked with you. Doing so adds credibility to the document.

The body segment is the most critical section. Here, state the contender’s professional, educational, interpersonal skills. Make certain that you provide sincere information devoid of any exaggerations. Overhyping a contender’s skills might lead to suspicion, and many people can always tell when you aren’t honest.

Also, it’s important to provide examples of any major accomplishments that you achieved in partnership with the candidate. Such might include projects, initiatives, and any other significant accomplishments. All these help in making the document more convincing.

Lastly, compose the recommendation letter ending. Indicate that you’d love to work with the individual again if you are a former employer or supervisor. You can also state the potential value the candidate will bring to the organization if given a chance. The length of letter of recommendation usually varies depending on what the writer intends to communicate and how much they know the contender. Nevertheless, the average length is usually one page.

How Long Should a Letter of Recommendation Be?

There are a significant number of people who do not know the appropriate letter of recommendation length. The letter should not comprise a single paragraph or two. This demonstrates that the writer is not very familiar with the individual.

While composing the letter, you are supposed to show how well you know the person. State your relationship to the individual and the manner in which you have been interacting. In most cases, recommendation letters consist of a single page. Writing a letter that is too long puts you under the risk of providing irrelevant information. This can also hinder an applicant’s chances of success.

Some people usually wonder how long should a college recommendation letter be? College recommendation letters usually comprise 1 page or slightly less. While writing the letter, first, emphasize on the student’s academic scores that make him/her a suitable candidate. After that, discuss their general academic performance while in high school. State their personality strengths as well as other personal achievements.

How long should a letter of recommendation be for graduate school? The length of this letter is not any different from that of a college letter of recommendation. The only difference is usually in the content and the type of people supposed to write it. Your college professor or faculty head is the most suitable professional to write such a letter. Provide the writer with your fully updated resume. You can also provide extra information such as college transcripts, certificates of participation in various training, and any other valuable information.

How to Start a Letter of Recommendation?

Properly starting a letter of recommendation is essential in capturing and maintaining the reader’s attention. Many people usually get confused about how to begin a recommendation letter. Prior to this, ensure that you are familiar with the applicant’s qualifications, and you have confidence in the. You also need to create ample time to organize yourself and compose a truly compelling letter.

Prepare a comprehensive list of accomplishments/qualities you would like to highlight within the letter. After that, commence with the letter of recommendation introduction. You must initially introduce yourself to the hiring manager. Convince him/her that you are in an authoritative position or have a relevant reputation. This aids in proving that the applicant is indeed qualified by virtue of your association with them. After that, provide information about the applicant and demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of their qualifications, strengths, and personality. You can also state your experiences with them.

What Should a Letter of Recommendation Include?

There are a number of things to include in a recommendation letter. First, the letter should properly describe an individual’s skills & qualifications, in addition to their relevance to a particular academic program or employment opportunity.

Discuss the capabilities & qualities that paint the candidate in the best possible light, hence making them a good fit for the particular position, university, or master’s program. If you are wondering what to include in a letter of recommendation for college, the answer is very simple. Discuss past educational achievements as well as personal accomplishments that are relevant to the college program.

If you have never written a graduate school recommendation, you might not be sure of what to include in a letter of recommendation for graduate school. Explain the candidate’s educational potential based on your experience with them. You can also add some information on how they contributed to the advancement of their undergraduate courses.

How to Conclude a Letter of Recommendation?

The letter of recommendation conclusion is the final part of the letter. In your closing paragraph, emphasize the candidate’s strengths, and state how beneficial it would be if they hired them. You can as well state how you are at a loss for letting them out of your company or learning institution.

As part of the closure, share some of your contact details. These might include an email address, telephone number, or any other communication means. Enthusiastically state that you are willing to offer even more details about the candidate. In this way, the prospective employers or faculty can easily contact you in case of any doubts, or if they have additional follow-up queries.

A strong letter of recommendation must always have a conclusion that convinces the reader to call the candidate for an interview or admit them into an institution. A poorly concluded letter can create considerable doubt about the candidate’s credibility.

Most Popular Type of a Letter of Recommendation

Some people seem to confuse various types of recommendation letter writing. Generally, recommendation letters are usually more specific in purpose and are directed to a single individual about a given position. Reference letters, on the other hand, are usually generalized.

Letter of recommendation for a teacher

A letter of recommendation for teacher applications usually entails all the qualifications that make the candidate a suitable teacher. It can talk about the subject specialization, teaching skills, etc. what’s more, while writing a letter of recommendation for a teacher, you can as well list a few examples of successful students formerly taught by the teacher. This makes them more credible.

Letter of recommendation for a student

A letter of recommendation for student applications are letters written to support a prospective student’s application. The student might be applying for college, undergraduate, masters, or Ph.D. studies. In letters of recommendation for college admissions, the writer usually gives details about high school GPA scores, the student’s success in other educationally related activities as well as the general personality.

Recommendation letter for college

A college recommendation letter cannot be written by the student’s colleague or family members. It has to be written by someone from the high school attended by the student since it is a professional letter. Similarly, a letter of recommendation for graduate school must be written by someone from the student’s former faculty. The student needs to choose a supervisor/professor who is familiar with the student’s qualifications. For instance, a business school recommendation letter should be drafted in support of a student who undertook business studies in his/her previous education level and excelled accordingly.

Letter of recommendation for masters

If you are a professor/lecturer writing a letter of recommendation for masters program, place most of your focus on the course details the candidate is applying for. After that, relate the candidate’s skills to the said program.

Recommendation letter for an MBA

An MBA recommendation letter is a letter written in support of an MBA candidate. In it, the writer explains his/her familiarity with the student, their qualifications, and their ability to excel in the program. The letter is usually very specific. This is considerably different from a letter of recommendation for master’s program. Such letters usually describe the student’s undergraduate performance and general skills. As such, it can be used to apply for different courses.

Letter of recommendation for doctoral program

LoR for doctoral program is the main point of reference for evaluating an individual’s qualifications for a Ph.D. program. Former university professors and lecturers write it. The letter should highlight at least 3 qualities of the applicant; one social quality and two technical or field related qualities.

Recommendation letter for a nursing school

A nursing school recommendation letter is a letter that vouches for any candidate that intends to join a nursing program. The writer must properly convince the admissions board that the said candidate is fit for the course, courtesy of their qualifications, passions, and discipline. While writing the recommendation letter for nursing school, you need to be articulate especially on the precise nursing school requirements and how the candidate makes a perfect fit.

Another type of recommendation letter is a professor letter of recommendation. This is a professional letter that recommends an individual to be awarded the title of professor. Writing a letter of recommendation for a professor can be done by a recognized professor or a relevant person from an authoritative institution within the candidate’s subject or industry.

Academic recommendation letter

An academic recommendation letter refers to a general letter that can be written for a candidate at any education level. It usually does not delve into great personal or academic credentials. Thus it can be used for various academic applications. While writing an academic letter of recommendation, gather enough information by asking the candidate for their CV. You can also have a small discussion with them to get more details about personality and other general skills.

Letter of recommendation for job application

A letter of recommendation for job application supports the candidate’s qualification and interest in a given job. Due to its specificity, the writer must be well acquainted with the requirements of the said position. On the other hand, reference letters for a job application describe how the writer is familiar with the candidate, provides an overview of the candidate’s credentials, positive personality traits, and some examples of projects or experiences they have in common.
A business reference letter is a recommendation done in support of conducting business activities with a certain person or institution. These letters can be used to refer businesses to clients or recommend an individual intending to enter a certain business industry.

A volunteer letter of recommendation is a general recommendation letter that lends credence to a candidate’s charity work for a given community. Sometimes it is a requirement when applying to a college or for a job.

A scholarship reference letter is one that provides evidence that a given student has the right qualifications to receive a scholarship. In most cases, scholarships get awarded to students with particular goals or commitments. He or she must be outstanding in a special manner. Therefore, a reference letter for scholarships usually illuminates the student’s best qualities, e.g., energy, compassion, leadership skills, etc.

A Letter of recommendation for an internship, as the name suggests, is a letter that a student requires when applying for an internship. Generally, it is addressed to higher officials in professional setups. It should explain why the student is a suitable fit for the internship position.

A military letter of recommendation is a unique kind of letter aimed at enhancing the probability of a candidate to gain acceptance into any military institution. Examples of such letters include those that support a person’s candidature for a military academy or to join special military programs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recommendation Letter

In this section, you will get to learn about some of the most frequently asked questions about recommendation letters. We believe that they will assist you in eradicating any confusion about drafting a recommendation letter. Sometimes, even experienced professionals experience challenges on how to draft such letters. For this reason, it is imperative to seek professional writing help. Below are examples of FAQs.

Can a Friend Write a Letter of Recommendation?

Wondering who to ask for a letter of recommendation? Your friend can write for you a general reference letter. However, before you consider getting a letter of recommendation from a friend, ensure that your friend fully understands your personality, skills, and aspirations.

Should a Letter of Recommendation Be Typed or Written?

You should type your letter of recommendation. Nowadays, computers are ubiquitous, and the world is going digital. Ensure that you type your letter using the standard letter of recommendation format.

What we want to say in final

Several challenges might prevent someone from properly drafting a letter of reference. One of them could be low writing skills, lack of time, inexperience in writing such letters, etc. therefore, it is imperative to seek help whenever you are stuck and cannot find a solution.

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