Message for USA Applicants: Interesting Statistics and Fun Facts

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If you are an applicant in the USA looking to study and take up your course or specialty in this country, then you might be interested to know some statistics and fun facts about applications. Let’s begin.

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Interesting Statistics and Fun Facts about USA Applications

Stanford University is one of the top-ranked universities in the world. It is known for the research facilities and educational standards. Here are some fun facts about Stanford University:

  • Fountain hopping is an old tradition in stand ford. All freshman hop in fountain during the first week of their admission.
  • The mascot of the university is the tree, which is created new, every year.
  • Stanford has many good sports teams, they participate in Olympics and win medals in different sports.
  • The university has a cactus garden, which was started in 18th century and still flourishing.
  • Every year there are full moon celebrations, which involve exchange of flowers between freshman and seniors. Dancing and music is also part of the celebration.

There you have some interesting statistics and personal statement funny jokes that you have to know when applying for USA. Nonetheless, there is a steep competition happening right now, so it would be wise if you would equip yourself with a strong application, like having a superior personal statement that can convince the committee why you deserve a slot in their school and that you are an asset for them and in the world in the future. In this case, we have something for you.

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Stanford University is one of the top universities. It is very difficult to get admission there. Good academic record is not enough to get admission in Stanford, they ask for many other qualities too. If your academic record is not good enough you can still get admission in Sandford. You have to learn about the requirements of the admission committee and a proper personal statement. A personal statement plays a key role in your admission and its importance increases to many folds when it comes to admission in Stanford.

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