Nursing Personal Statement

Accept our dearest congrats and true respect for your decision to apply to a nursing school. No matter whether you are going to work in a clinic or the home care sector, it is a noble career. A nursing career requires formal education and a bunch of licenses. And what is the first difficulty to deal with on the way to education? Yes, a nursing personal statement. That is why you have come here. And trust us, you have come to the right place: we will provide you with insider information about composing an impeccable essay.

What is a personal statement for nursing school?

Usually, nursing students aren’t recent high school graduates. These people have already tried different careers, and some have even started a family life. Thus, they have some background. The importance of these essays for RN education is crystal clear: aside from clinical knowledge, communicative skills and empathy are pivotal to medical care professionals. And do not forget about the challenging part of the profession, we mean night shifts and a large amount of work. Being a medical employee is not enough to succeed: you need to have “it.” And by “it,” we mean psychic abilities to perform well under pressure and remain positive and attentive in… let’s say all possible situations. But we know you have that! Our point is that a personal statement for nursing school is for you to show “it.” See, it’s nothing scary behind that essay. And if you have any trouble or worries, we are here for you, but one step at a time. A cool method of getting rid of tension is to read through nursing personal statement examples to get a general idea of what it all is about.

How to write a personal statement for nursing school?

Well, we have already beaten the clock highlighting the first step – we may call it a warm-up – a brainstorming session. Basically, you look through successful essays. You get an insight and tips and, more importantly, calm down about writing a personal statement for nursing.
Well, if everybody has done their warm-up, we can start a workout. The first thing to do will be… yes, a plan. When it comes to composing an essay, the best method is induction. No, we’re not role-playing Sherlock Holmes. Induction is simply a method of creating a whole by combining parts. Accordingly, we are creating an essay by beginning with a plan. That is the most efficient piece of advice on how to write a personal statement for nursing. Well, let’s take a look at the base of your essay, its structure.


Structure of a nursing school personal statement?

Before moving on to making your personal essay plan, it is vital to understand the general structure of a nursing personal statement. What does the admission committee expect of you?
Firstly, it’s time for a little bit of research work. Don’t worry. Nothing serious until you get to the school (and we are sure you will!). Just make sure to thoroughly read through the requirements of the specific institution you have chosen. We get it: you are applying to several schools. Make sure to check all the 3, 5, or even 10 web pages with the essay instructions of the universities you are applying to. Of course, you won’t write 10 different letters to 10 different schools. Nevertheless, it is crucial to make your writing adjusted to the school. Highlight that you want to study nursing at this particular institution. For that, you can write a special adjustable paragraph, where you will be able to mention features, special projects, or professors of the school you are applying to. Just do not mix up the essays while completing applications! While reading nursing school personal statement examples, you might notice that students use that trick.

The nursing personal statement format should be clear both for you and the readers: it needs to have a clear beginning, the main body, and ending. Coherently construct your sentences, conveying new information in every new sentence and maintaining the link with the previous one. Logical text is the first impression you leave. Prove that bullet “critical thinking” in your resume is not just a fancy phrase!

How long should a personal statement for nursing be?

The length of a personal statement for nurses is usually the same for every school: about 600 words. Trust us: it’s not much. That is why you need a detailed plan to make sure everything is mentioned.

How to start a nursing personal statement?

The best way to start a personal statement for nursing school is a short (remember the word limit) and intimate (don’t be afraid to be a bit emotional) story about how you have decided to dedicate yourself to nursing. Firstly, it has to grab attention. Secondly, it has to help to remember your essay.
And don’t worry about the nursing essay titles at the beginning, as you will have more significant issues to solve.

What should a nurse practitioner personal statement include?

Now, when you know all about the format, it’s time to talk about the context. Let’s read through nursing personal statement tips about what you do not have to miss while composing your statement.
Well, the main thing is to figure out why you want to be a nurse. Maybe you have helped a member of your family, or someone has inspired you. Look at nurse practitioner goal statement examples to get to know how to express your motivation. Your spurs should be the basis of your essay. One more thing is values that will help you to be a good nurse. The admission tutors can get info about your grades, work experience, and education from your CV. However, only in a nursing goal statement, you can fully express how you can demonstrate the values that patients require.
Now you know what should be included in your essay. The problem that many applicants face is the inability to connect all these facts into one well-structured essay. It is not only about content: format is essential as well. It shows that you are endowed with impressive critical thinking and are a well-rounded person. Do not worry about your writing skills. You are a promising nurse, not a writer. Therefore, it is fine to use professional help with creating a marvelous essay.

How to conclude a nursing school personal statement?

The best conclusion for a nursing personal statement is the summarization of your goals and values. A good trick for the conclusion is one simple question, “How would I describe my essay in one sentence?”

Most popular type of a nursing personal statement

A nursing career is a whole package: it is well-respected and well-paid, and your job is to help people. Nevertheless, nursing is about much more than that. You can be midwifery, dental, or mental health nursing professional. Naturally, for different specializations, different competencies are required.
Our service has various experts to assist you in creating a perfect application both for dental specialization and home care, for mental health and children nursing. Let’s be more specific. Our unique service can provide you with a personal statement for nursing graduate school for any specialization, from a personal statement mental health nurse and family nurse practitioner personal statement sample to a dental nurse personal statement and personal nursing philosophy statement.
We acknowledge the importance of understanding the subject you are writing about. Thus, we will assign an appropriate writer who is not only experienced in composing personal statements but also knowledgeable about the peculiarities of the specialty you are applying for.
If you read through personal statement for nursing graduate school examples, you will see this type of essay is an academic text that needs to have a clear introduction and ending. Also, we have mentioned that, in a personal nursing mission statement, you should not be afraid to be creative and emotional. Telling a story of why you have such a passion for nursing is likely to make the admission tutors consider your candidacy.
Do you already have a concrete specialization on your mind? First of all, good of you. Second of all, it’s extremely beneficial to your credibility. Nothing expresses your motivation better than a specific plan for the future.
Speaking of the mental health nursing personal statement template, it is advisable that you indicate your relevant experience of working in a clinic or with mental health patients. Do not worry if you don’t have work experience. Maybe you used to volunteer? Maybe you took care of a relative with mental disease?
For a family nurse practitioner personal statement and adult nursing personal statement, social skills must be included. Remember that, instead of listing down your qualities, you should try to showcase your strengths by mentioning some situations and experiences.
If you examine a dental nurse personal statement sample, you know that you have to state why you prefer dentistry to other branches of medicine. Are you having a hard time composing a high-quality essay and providing all the necessary info in 600 words? No worries! We are here for you. Our experienced writers and editors are ready to help you.
In a children nursing personal statement, it is imperative to mention that you are good at communicating with children. Again, you don’t have to take care of a group of 30 second-graders. Maybe, you were the oldest child in a big family. Remember that, no matter what experience you have, you can always properly describe it in your essay.
Are you feeling insecure about your essay? Send us your draft, and we will turn it into a masterpiece, such as a sample of personal nursing mission statement!

Top questions about nursing personal statement

Essay writing is demanding work. Gathering information about techniques, secrets, and skills is one massive project itself. Yes, it’s challenging, but it pays off. You will submit a magnificent essay and become a nursing student soon. However, we would like to help you by giving short but informative answers to the following questions.

What are the 6 C’s of nursing?

Care, compassion, competence, communication, courage, and commitment are 6 cornerstones of nursing. That has to be your personal Code of Honor. It goes without saying that the mention of that in your essay will give you extra points. Firstly, it displays you as a promising student. Secondly, you show that you understand how principal such qualities are in nursing and that not only medical proficiency matters.

What abilities should a person have to be a nurse?

We have talked about 6 C’s first because that perfectly sums up what qualities a person should possess. The thing is that this code is for a registered nurse, a professional who has been acquiring education for many years. What about a beginner? What qualities should an applicant have, and what should be highlighted in an essay?
There are some obvious examples like communicative skills and attention to detail. Let’s discover other ones. Firstly, you are aware that the main skill is stress-resiliency. And it’s much more than a resume cliché “work well under pressure.” You have to be compassionate, positive, and scrupulous and have a quick reaction under all circumstances.
One of the key qualities is empathy. It is much more complex than compassion. Empathy is the ability to feel what another person is experiencing and to walk a mile in their shoes. It’s a unique quality and the basis of quality care. High emotional intelligence and sincerity are required.
While being empathetic and gentle, a nurse should always remain rational and focused. Work in a hospital is not easy, and only the strongest personalities are suitable for it.
Final words about nursing personl statement
Now you know all the subtleties of composing a nursing personal statement. You know that you are a perfect candidate (we know it too). All you need to do is to prove it to the admission staff! And here we come. If you are having even the slightest trouble at any essay writing stage, we can assist you. We know exactly what the admission committee wants to see in your essay. Use the guidance of our writers and enter the nursing school that you dream of.