Personal Statement Humour – Make It Really Funny

funny personal statement humour

When you want to get admission in the field of your choice, you may need personal statement services. They provide the personal statement, according to the requirements of the recruiters. For admission in MBA, you will need best MBA recommendation letters too, but personal statement is considered as the most important document.

The personal statement is about your personality, your ambition about a particular field and the importance of this degree in your life. You tell the admission committee, how you get inspired to study this particular field, what are your future goals related to this. You also mention your likes and dislikes, but not very personal things. Its purpose is to convince the admission committee that you are an ideal student to get admission in their institution. You have to prove yourself a unique thinking individual, who can bring good to their institution. The personal statement is used as a tool to evaluate the writing abilities and enthusiasm about the subject. So, it is very important to write your personal statement perfectly.

Is It a Common Thing to Use Humor in Personal Statement?

The answer is No! Personal statements are considered as official documents, which should be written in formal tone and language. There are very few people who dare to write a funny personal statement because it is not easy to write. However, if you write a hilarious personal statement successfully, you will stand out from the crowd and there are chances that you will secure your admission seat.

Funny Personal Statement Examples

If you want to know about the college admissions statistics or personal statement humor, here are a few examples, which will give you an idea. These funny personal statement examples are just for your information, you don’t need to copy them:

  • I want to start this degree like I am learning a new language. I will learn the terms and concepts like I am learning new words and sentences. At the end of my two years journey, I will complete my degree and will master this language.
  • I want to get admission in your university and I am ready to go into debt because I know the fee is very high here.
  • I was captain of the debating club as I have grate communication skills.

These are just a few examples. Like the text, you can find funny images as well. You can use these images at the place of your choice, but make sure you use them in the right place. They are simply hilarious, but if you will use them according to the situation the fun will increase many folds.

    What Are the Mistakes That Will Make Your Personal Statement Look Funny?

    Writing a funny personal statement is not easy. That is the reason, the majority of the people prefer to write a formal statement. But some mistakes make their statement funny, even they don’t try to create fun. Here are the few mistakes, which can make your statement funny:

    • Typo mistakes: Sometimes auto spell check changes the words. The spellings are not incorrect, so it’s not highlighted, but the meaning of the sentence makes it funny.
    • Punctuation mistakes: Punctuation is very important when it comes to writing a personal statement. But most of the people don’t care about it and make their personal a funny document.
    • Superhero attitude: Usually students present themselves as better than the others. In this effort, they write some things, which are supernatural. It makes their personal statement funny.

    funny personal statement online

    How to Avoid Such Mistakes?

    When you are not writing personal statement funny jokes, your statement should not give a funny look. You can avoid all these mistakes, which make your personal statement funny.

    • Edit your personal statement: If you will edit your personal statement properly, it will be easier for you to catch the typo mistakes. It’s very important to write a correct personal statement. It’s about your writing skills and carefulness. So, make sure you edit your personal statement properly and there are no spelling mistakes and typo errors.
    • Review and proofread: It’s better to ask for help when it comes to proofreading. A proofreader can remove punctuation mistakes to make your personal statement error-free. If no one is around or available for this job, you can do it yourself too. but make sure that you do it carefully.
    • Be realistic: When you are writing your personal statement, don’t be a superhero. Be realistic and mention those qualities, which make you different than others. Being a superhero will not work.

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