Social Work Personal Statement

Sometimes we all have difficulties with writing. Let’s imagine you have a big chance to enter the university you dream of but have no idea how to write a good personal statement. When circumstances like these arise, we know how to find a solution to this problem.

What is a social work personal statement?

In the community full of various individuals, a social worker is a profession that serves to enhance social functioning and simply for making the world a better place. For this reason, we highly appreciate your desire to be a social work student. That is why this article is for you! What is a social work personal statement? It is a reflective essay that you write for the admissions tutors. Taking into account the number of such pieces of writing that the admissions tutors go through per day, you probably understand that your one has to be exceptional. You can read some masters of social work personal statement sample that we have on our website. It will help you a lot in the process of composing your own one. You have to realize that a social work personal statement essay is about your skills, ambitions, and motivation. Do not forget that it is usually longer than a resume because you do not have a large amount of experience and background. A personal statement for social work graduate school is an essential step that you take in order to move to another educational level. This essay is of the utmost importance, and you have to be highly responsible while writing it. Check out our guide on how to write a social work personal statement, and success will be waiting for you!

How to write a successful social work personal statement?

Okay, we know you have a lot of questions. Let’s make everything clear. First of all, think about what makes a good social worker. Most of the social workers are empathetic and organized. These and other features will be the best to mention in your personal statement for graduate school social work. Think about skills and some experience that might be suitable for the department you are applying for. Look at our social work personal statement examples, and you will find relevant features. It would be a great idea to include those extra-curricular activities of yours which are pertinent to the course. In social workers personal statements, there are usually clear reasons why the student is a perfect fit for the chosen program. In your social work admission essay, you also have to write what you want to achieve in this sphere.


What should you include in a social work personal statement?

There is the specific structure of a social work application essay you have to follow:

  • Introduction
  • Applicable experience (if you have some)
  • Your expertise, aspirations, and extra-class activities (this is the best part of a social work admissions essay to dwell on your independent researches and hobbies)
  • Conclusion
  • Remember that you are unique, and do not forget to use our tips when working on your piece of writing! Check our social work essays for grad school and compose your own!