UCAS Personal Statement

The task of writing a personal statement gives you the shivers? Do not be scared as professional samples on our website will help you in this challenging process.

What Is a UCAS Personal Statement?

A UCAS personal statement is a significant aspect of the application to the university, so it is wrong not to take it seriously. Maybe, you find yourself wondering, “What does a personal statement look like?” If yes, feel free to read through some examples first to get the main idea.
Regard this task as an amazing opportunity to describe your experience, skills, and goals and to catch the admission staff’s attention. The first helpful piece of advice we want to share is not to postpone the writing process. So, start as soon as possible, thinking about the personal statement structure. The beginning has to be memorable to set the tone of your essay, draw the admission tutors’ attention, and encourage them to continue reading. The personal statement layouts have to consist of distinct paragraphs, where you chronologically tell your story in a coherent way. Of course, you have to prepare an intriguing main body and a persuasive ending, which will make the admission committee keep your candidacy in mind. Remember that your piece of writing has to surpass other UCAS personal statements.

How to Write a Personal Statement for UCAS?

So, you have already planned out the whole process and decided on what your personal statement layout will look like. You also can check out how to start a personal statement examples and then move on.
Ask yourself these main questions and answer them precisely and interestingly:

  • How does your life experience make you special? What events have influenced you the most?
  • What fascinates you the most about the chosen profession, and what are the reasons you want to study this specific subject?
  • Do you have any relevant work experience, and what are your career ambitions?
  • What are your best skills, and how can they be useful to this program?
  • What awesome qualities do you have, and what life situations can best show them?
  • Take these questions into account to stay focused on the main info and also read through successful UCAS personal statements examples. Nevertheless, remember not to copy anything as UCAS personal statement examples are just meant to make you knowledgeable about how to prepare this piece of writing and also give you some inspiration. 

    What Should You Include in a UCAS Personal Statement?

    To write a successful UCAS personal statement, you have to get a sufficient amount of information about the course you are applying for and find out what qualities the admission staff is looking for. Also, list down the reasons why you have chosen that particular field and what aspirations you have about it. You have to determine what positive changes and benefits you will bring to the institution. Besides, as you can see in not only one UCAS personal statement example, including your hobbies, interests, and activities is always a good idea. Remember to add info about your job experience and volunteering as it will give the admission tutors the idea that you are an active person. Just take into consideration that it is not about the UCAS personal statement length. It is about the content that will “sell” you to the institution.