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US Universities Canceling On-Campus Classes Due to the Coronavirus

To avoid gathering of people, more than forty schools moved their classes to the internet and implemented remote learning.

Some colleges in the United States are taking severe measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 by canceling on-campus classes.

After the veto on traveling to areas of the virus outbreak, precautions were intensified by transferring on-campus classes to remote learning.

Non-vaccine illness named coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan, China, a few months ago and has now spread all over the globe. On the 11th of March, the World Health Organization assessed that COVID-19 could be characterized as a pandemic.

Lawrence Bacow, a school president at Harvard University, announced that all the classes would be carried out online till the 23rd of March. Moreover, students are not advised to come back to campus after the spring break.

The dean, Rakesh Khurana, announced that students are required to leave the student residence by the 15th of March, Sunday. Students have been recommended to contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance in relocation within a short time.

The issue of the student’s room and board refunds remains unsolved. Harvard provided no explanation regarding the mitigating circumstances for those who can’t relocate on such short notice. The FAQ page of Harvard’s website stated vaguely that a small number of exceptions would be allowed.

Jill Dolan, a dean at Princeton College, directed that all the classes had to be adapted to the remote form of learning until the 5th of April.

Check out the list of schools across the country that suspended their classes.

California: The state with almost 200 coronavirus cases and three deaths.

Connecticut: Two people are tested positive for COVIS-19.

Florida: While 23 people are tested positive for coronavirus, the illness has taken the lives of two people.

Massachusetts: There are almost 100 cases of COVID-19.

Maryland: Nine people are tested positive for the virus.

Michigan: Two people are tested positive for COVID-19.

Nebraska: Almost 20 people are tested positive for COVID-19.

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